UPenn Second Degree BSN 2013

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    I am applying to the Second degree nursing program at UPenn. I've decided not to go for the direct entry BSN/MSN program since I am not at ALL ready for the GRE (if they decide that I absolutely HAVE to take my GRE then I will), I'm sure I want to get an advanced degree in nursing, but I have multiple intrests and want to get more in depth info once I get into a BSN program. I know it's extremely expensive ($59,000 if you decide to live on campus, which I may have to do) but I am still intrested in my chances of attending this program. Is there anyone else that is applying for next year? Any past students that can attest to the cirriculum? Is it possible to work part time while attending or should I just let that dream go right now? Did anyone live on campus while going to school? I've been trying to do a board search for past experiences/anyone that's applying for this year and there was too much to sift through. So I figured I'd start a new thread!

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    I have also applied to the UPenn Accelerated BSN program for Fall 2013! I'll be attending the info session on October 28th in MA but it looks like Penn has a great nursing program so I'm very excited to learn more!
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    hi! thank you for starting this thread, I have also applied to U penn!

    Yes, it is so expensive >< but U Penn sounds like it has a great program
    and I'm very interested in global health and it seems like they're the place for that
    Also, I heard that it is difficult to work part-time because of the scheduling for clinicals but I haven't attended so I'm not 100% positive on that

    I had some questions as well...
    Does anybody know when they will start sending out acceptance letters or emails or whatnot?
    Also I heard that they might have interviews even for the second degree bachelor's program, does anybody know about this as well?

    thank you!
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    Hey guys,

    There is a longer existing thread for UPenn here: http://allnurses.com/post-graduate-n...sn-756619.html

    Come chat with us!
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    thank you bardone for the link!

    if anyone still checks this page...
    I wanted to ask people that have only applied to the second degree bachelor's program instead of the direct entry MSN program
    in the email we recieved earlier, I believe it said that BSN students would recieve an email starting Nov 5th
    Has anybody recieved an email for an interview yet?
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    I applied to the accelerated BSN at Penn too, still nothing from them. I'm hoping to be considered but I know it's a long shot with how competitive it is.
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    When they say GPA needs to be 3.0 are they refering to cummilative gpa or science gpA?!
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    hi guys! have any ABSN applicants received emails for interviews? It seems like most of the interviewees applied for the BSN/MSN program...EEK i'm so nervous!
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    No interview yet, I'm stalking my email though, hopefully after they've interviewed BSN/MSN applicants they'll get to us
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    Oh, and I think it's cumulative Nikibaby

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