2013 UPenn BSN/MSN Applicants

  1. Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here!

    I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my personal statement. Their application should be completely available July 15th but you should be able to create an account. Good luck everyone!
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  3. by   hollysf
    I am happy to see there is someone else out there who is applying to Penn. I am actually applying to the same track. I am so nervous and excited. Application due dates are coming up fast and I am having trouble thinking about anything other than the GREs and m personal statement! Yikes! Good luck
  4. by   kdiem
    Hi Hollysf,

    This is probably one of my top choices! I am done with the application but waiting on one letter of rec writer. I'm super excited about Penn. Good luck

  5. by   hollysf
    Hi kdiem!Are you going to the online chat/information session tomorrow? I hope more people find this thread!
  6. by   bardone
    Hi all, I'm also applying for the 2013 cycle. I'm going for the AGNP primary care specialty.

    How are everyone's applications coming along? Does anyone have any helpful tips to share?

    I won't be able to participate in the chat this afternoon, but am curious to hear how it goes.
  7. by   hollysf
    Hi Bardone, My application is coming along, but I am a bit worried about my GRE. I am not able to take it for another week and a half. I really hope my scores make it to admissions in time! How is your application coming along?I will try to report back about what I learn in the information session. Is there any specific questions you'd like me to ask?
  8. by   bardone
    Hi hollysf,

    I *believe* that GRE scores for both the qual & quant sections need to be 150 or above, but getting some clarification on that would be a great thing for sure. I took the GREs last month and I think my scores are OK.

    I'm just working on the statement now -- which, now that I think of it -- could you ask Penn how long they'd like the statement to be? I know that some schools, for example, prefer a short one-page statement even though they provide space for a much longer one.

    Thanks holly!!! Are you applying to any other programs?
  9. by   hollysf
    I think UPenn requires 2, 2 page, double-spaced responses to the prompts listed on the online application.
  10. by   hopefulnurse24
    For verbal, you need 153 and for math you need 150 for the GRE for UPenn. Still debating whether I should apply or not - my application is pretty good, except I did not meet the recommended score for math, only for verbal.
  11. by   kdiem
    Hi everyone!

    I completely missed the chat today. I plan to apply to UPenn, but are they very strict about the GRE requirements? I was planning to submit my application this weekend... but I'm super nervous to hear if they'll completely disregard my application because of my GREs... ahhh.

    Hollysf: was there any good tips from them tonight?
  12. by   hollysf
    Kdiem!You should absolutely still apply. They said that a "below average" score on the GRE is not necessarily reason enough to dismiss an application. They even said that they accept GPAs lower than 3.0 if they feel like the applicant is the right fit for the program. If you PM me your email address I can forward the transcript of the chat. They should email it to me within the next couple of days.
  13. by   kdiem
    I'm sure those cases are more on the rare side, but that lifts some stress off of my chest. I really like the program at Penn so I would definitely like to take my chances and try my luck with their application. Was there anything else special tips or stand out information from the chat? I just PM my email to you. Thank you again!
  14. by   hopefulnurse24
    Hey there - I was in the chat also. They said that the GRE is important but not as important as other factors like your grades, health care experience, etc. I think I'd go ahead and give it a go if you're interested. It does seem truly holistic, and I left the chat feeling really good about things.

    A few other things that may be of interest to you - with regards to course retakes, they don't calculate a science GPA but they look at everything really holistically... the entire application is important. Also, for anyone interested in critical care, some of the critical care tracks require you to take time off and work, which I wasn't aware of. You can work while in the master's portion as an RN full time, and can attend school part time, but for critical care they ALSO want you to take a year off before beginning the MSN coursework (at least for peds, I'm guessing it's the same for neonatal and adult critical care, too). You can work part time while in the BSN portion of the program by doing research with the school, which is cool. The cost for the BSN is 95k, which is insanely expensive, especially without a loan repayment option like Duke or JHU's hospitals offer. The admissions officer also said that people have to be diligent and persistent in order to secure jobs in the Philadelphia area, but it is certainly possible (I took that as - it happens, but it can be hard to get a job in the area after graduating with the BSN degree). And there ARE fee waivers available for the application, if you qualify. There's also many study abroad opportunities available to students. And switching specialties is not difficult, as long as you have solid career goals. And we have the opportunity to add a minor to our MSN degree, too. You don't pick the minor and add it officially until you are in the MSN portion of the program, but you can note your interest in a minor in your essay if you so choose.

    If they feel you are not competitive for BSN-MSN, you may still be considered for just the BSN program and you would have the opportunity to enter their MSN program still (it just wouldn't be guaranteed entry). She said they had 500 applicants last year, admitted around 120 (I think?) and ended up having a class of 83. She said this year they hope to have a class of 75-80 students. This includes BSN-MSN, BSN-PhD and regular BSN students.

    If I think of anything else, I'll come back and add it to this thread