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OR training programs in PA

  1. 0 I've searched and searched and really got no answers other than Hershey Medical Center. I live in southeastern Pa. I'm looking for a hospital-based training program to apply to. I'm a new graduate; taking NCLEX later this month.
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    Got a job in the OR at UPMC as a new grad.
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    Upenn health system has something called gateway to the OR for new grads. I believe the application is up right now for November. They do it twice a year I think. Hope this helps!
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    I've seen this before and it looks amazing. The only downfall in my case is it requires a BSN. I just graduated from hospital-based diploma program.
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    Temple hires into an OR program as well for new grads. It's through their New to Practice program, not sure when they're going to have another application cycle but you should be on the look-out for that.
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    I start a one year long perioperative program at Reading Hospital tomorrow. I graduated from school last December (2011) and worked LTC for six months before I got the position at Reading. Keep looking.
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    That's actually the program I'm interested in. I recently graduated from their RN program. I'm having trouble finding information about it. Could you PM me with details?
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    I am not sure if you are still looking, or if Pittsburgh is an option for you, but UPMC has an OR nurse resedency program.....they are taking applications now for starting in Nov
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    Hospital of Univ of Penn: Nursing at HUP: Specialty Areas

    Gateway to the Operating Room
    The Gateway to the Operating Room (OR) is a six month long, comprehensive orientation program that is open to both experienced RNs and “new to practice” Nurses. During this program, you will learn the fundamental principles of Operating Room Nursing through both formalized classroom instruction and clinical experience. At the completion of the program, you will become a key member of the Operating Room team at one of the most well respected hospitals in the country.

    The Operating Room at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania has 31 OR suites and is divided into three zones with 12 specialty areas. In collaboration with experienced staff, educators and preceptors, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to function competently as a Registered Nurse in the OR.

    The core competencies that you will learn include:

    • Pre-operative assessments
    • Basic OR case prep skills
    • Scrub and circulate during procedures
    • Safe use of specialty equipment needed for surgery
    • Airway management and anesthesia safety
    • OR management of trauma patients

    Delaware County Community College has a Perioperative Nursing, Certificate program-- focus on Perioperative Nursing or RN First Assistant.
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    Quote from PghSN
    I am not sure if you are still looking, or if Pittsburgh is an option for you, but UPMC has an OR nurse resedency program.....they are taking applications now for starting in Nov
    Can you tell me where I can find more information on this? I've looked online as well as on UPMC's website and I can't find anything.
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    i'm also interested in information about UPMC's OR program. Can you please post info?