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jmlowe85 specializes in OR.

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  1. jmlowe85

    Bair Hugger

    We use under and over body bair hugger's together for our long neuro cases, Endoscopic Endonasal Approach and Crani for Tumors. It keeps our patients temp up much better than just having one over them. jwk- ours have channels that are outside the patient that allows are flow to circulate. So there is a purpose.
  2. jmlowe85

    Kent State University Accelerated BSN Spring 2013

    I graduated from the program last summer I can answer any questions you may have except the interview stuff since that didn't exist when I went. Send me a message and I'll respond as I get time.
  3. jmlowe85

    Clipping hair

    I am on the neuro team, we clipper hair in the OR after intubation and positioning while we prep. I know what AORN says but who wants to be awake when we shave a good portion of your hair for a craniotomy for tumor case, the pt is already going through enough emotionally.
  4. jmlowe85

    OR training programs in PA

    Got a job in the OR at UPMC as a new grad.
  5. jmlowe85

    Foot in door?

    Call the department and ask to shadow some days.
  6. jmlowe85

    new grad RNs in Pittsburgh

    i was hired at presby as a new grad and started in feb. Was called in for a interview three days after applying for a handful of jobs. I moved from ohio as a 2nd degree nurse with a background in management. Just keep applying
  7. jmlowe85

    Pay range in Philly?

    There's a bunch of threads that will answer your question if you do a search or scroll through the first few pages of this forum.
  8. jmlowe85

    Registering for NCLEX

    Safest way is to call the BON and ask about what you are concerned about.
  9. jmlowe85

    Kaplan Practice Question! Need Help

    I would think of it like Kaplan's don't pass the buck situations for number 2. Number 3 works because it allows you to still administer the medication on time and safely.
  10. jmlowe85

    To scared to check

    Took it yesterday also. Was nervous to check the trick but after two hours I ended up checking since I didn't want to feel like garbage all day. Got the good pop up and my name was posted on the BON this morning in PA. Good Luck!!
  11. jmlowe85

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Took the test at 8am yesterday morning 75questions, PVT showed good pop up when i checked. PA BON posted license this morning.
  12. What they have on the site is the most up to date form. If the charge was expunged it should not show on your background check. A friend of mine was in the same situation, he had a family member that was an officer verify and nothing showed up. You can always call the BON to verify.
  13. jmlowe85

    Kent's accelerated night/weekend program

    They have info meetings you can attend or you could schedule an appointment with jay hays he is the accelerated advisor.
  14. jmlowe85

    Accelerated KSU Spring '10

    I just got in for the summer so I start in less than a month. Advise for you is to knock out as many of the courses you can complete prior to the program. It will lessen your courseload considerably and also help out alot in your application. I know they changed some things in there application like a timed essay.
  15. jmlowe85

    Accelerated KSU Spring '10

    nothing here