Interview for Pediatric job with testing and skills assessment

  1. 0 I'm a new grad LPN with an interview tomorrow for a pediatric home health agency. Others within the company have told me there will be skill assessments such as CPR and g-tubes, which I feel comfortable with given the awesome clinical experiences I had in school (did med-pass for a month with an entire wing of g-tube patients), but there is also an exam portion I don't know how to prepare for. Beyond vital signs, what are some basic things I can brush up on or might be included on a general test for pediatrics?

    I have a suspicion that there may be "scenarios" given in which I must prioritize care or describe what I must do. Any tips?
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    Go over pediatric calculations...dosage is based on weight, so you should be able to evaluate whether the dosage is correct or incorrect. Remember the Nursing process, prioritization, side effects from certain meds, etc.
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    When I took an assessment test, it gave me all the kids weights in pounds, and wanted dosage calculations.... based on kilograms. So I had an extra math step in every medication question. I'd brush up on dosage calculations for sure. Good luck!
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    As others have mentioned, you need to know weights, med calculations are primarily based on child's weight. General things you might be asked would be how to answer the "New Mom" questions, how to triage pediatric patients, (fevers, rash, etc. )

    What types of nursing measures would you do if a child has a fever, rash, fussy behaviors, etc. Not medicate, but what "nursing" could the parent do until seen by a physician. Could be scenarios about breastfeeding, Mom's diet, etc. How to answer the diaper rash question or if the child may have ingested medication, signs of overdose, poisioning.

    Just remember that the pediatric patient is not a "little adult" but have their own physiology and you'll do fine.

    Good luck!
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    I am taking an assessment test for an LVN position in the pediatrics clinic at Kaiser. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I can review for the test. I would really appreciate any ones help. I thank you for any suggestions.

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