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I'm a new nurse on a busy oncology unit about to get out of orientation and be on my own on the floor for the first time...! I'm looking to improve my patient education by developing better shift... Read More

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    Quote from hallgirlz3
    I love your comment "what is the most important thing that I can do as your nurse today?", this really allows for your patients to be involved in their own care. It conveys to them I care about your wants and needs and you are not just another patient in a bed to me! Kuddos to you! I intend to steal and use your awesome suggestion! Thank You!

    Dear lord, please don't let the suits in charge hear you say something like "what is the most important thing I can do as your nurse today?" They'll jump on that like a pack of wolves. Then it'll it be a mandatory thing to say in order to increase satisfaction scores. Isn't there enough customer service nonsense in nursing already?

    If I have to provide that much "customer service", I might as well be a waiter and there better be a tip left for me on the bed after they discharge.
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    I don't really like the whiteboard myself, although I do think it can be very useful for certain patients. I always write down my name at least. For admissions I'll usually write "welcome to to the unit" or something equally as silly. I usually don't write things that the patient has little control of like titrating drips or vent settings because I would hate for them to feel like they failed. I keep it simple and attainable. Get OOB, deep breaths, watch jeopardy, visit with family, that sort of thing.

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