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Caffeine Intolerance

  1. 0 Has anyone ever experienced Caffeine Intolerance? I think I am experiencing this now. I drank half a cup of coffee this morning and after drinking it I felt shortness of breath, very anxious, and urgency to urinate. Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else on here.
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    Has this happened before when you drank coffee?
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    I wouldn't call it caffeine intolerance. Those syptoms can be the normal side effects of caffeine.You may be extra sensitive to it.
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    Quote from GadgitGurlRN
    Has this happened before when you drank coffee?
    Yes it has. The doctor has told me to cut back on caffeine and I have. But I think I am just going to have to cut it out completely. I haven't had any in over 24 hours and I do not have any of those symptoms anymore.
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    Yes, I've known several die-hard coffee drinkers who suddenly experienced a major change in their response to caffeine as a result of a new med or after quitting smoking.
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    i wouldnt drink coffee if i were you why go through this?
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    I drink enough coffee as it is, but I actually used to drink a lot more when I was in nursing school. I had to cut back because I was experiencing palpitations and I could FEEL my cardiac output drop - I was very dizzy!
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    I've determined that as I age, I am more sensitive to coffee. Used to drink a pot, now one cup it the limit- and any caffeine past noon keeps me awake that night. Weird. When I worked 3-11 I drank coffee for 8 hours and slept like a baby.