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Working anyone? - page 2

Hi everyone. I just got a full time nights PCT position in a large hospital's ortho unit. I start in about three weeks. I was wondering if anybody had any tips for me as I have never worked nights.... Read More

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    eat breakfast when you get home because the worst thing is to be SO tired but wake up at noon becuase youre starving!
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    Quote from erikarose
    eat breakfast when you get home because the worst thing is to be SO tired but wake up at noon becuase youre starving!
    I have a soft spot for the hospital's breakfast, so I always eat when I get off at 7am, then go home and go to sleep. It usually costs me about a dollar.
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    I work 11:30p-8a on Friday and Saturday, then come back in for 3:30p-12a on Sundays...

    What I do is:
    1. Sleep normally on Thursday night into Friday morning.
    2. Get up as early as I can without feeling drained which is around 9a
    3. Go back to sleep around 5p until 10:30p for work
    4. Get home Saturday morning and sleep until 11a
    5. Eat lunch/dinner and go back to bed at 4p until 10:30
    6. Go to bed from 8:30a until 2:45p if Im beat or on a day like today, sleep from 12p-2:45p and go to work

    I tend to prepare my lunch and uniforms before I go to sleep so when I get up for work, I get dressed, grab my bags and get out the door by 11p.

    What makes it difficult is the inconsistency of the schedule... I work weekends and thats it, so my body never truly gets a chance to adapt to midnights so just be weary of this
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    Make sure to be eating a balanced diet. If you are lacking in nutrition you are going to be even more tired. Keep low calorie snacks on you while you work so you can have sustained energy.
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    I have been working nights for a year now as a CNA. I have found that the most important things that have helped me be 100% during my shifts are eating properly and excercise! Proper nutrition is SO important!