why did you want to be a cna?

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    what made you want to be a cna?

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    My friend told me I should try it out, so I did, and I liked it. I got lucky!
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    I thought it would be easy to get a job and make it eaiser to get a job as an RN... so far, I'm still looking for a job and still on the waitlist for nursing school! :P
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    i was a year out of highschool... no idea what i wanted to do with myself and was sick of bartending and waitresing... so I did a Medical Assistant program (my friend was doing it, so i figured why not i need to be doing something).. Got a job in a hospital and eventually became a PCT in the ICU... ICU is what made me want to become a nurse

    and now im on my way there :-)

    it's crazy how thing just kind of fall into place and life takes you exactly where you need to go...
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    What other job allows me to wear pajamas at work.
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    Got into it by accident, I guess.
    My best friend called me up and asked me to take the class w/ her.
    Shoot! I was going to go to art school!
    Sometimes I feel bad I didn't just go to art school, but being a CNA was a huge character builder for me.
    I was a CNA for 23 years.
    Loved it and sometimes still wish I was doing it.
    Hope to teach it and love to train newbies.
    It is so underrated but so incredibly valuable.
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    I wanted to change careers to nursing and knew that experience is key in any profession. Also I noticed from my previous jobs, that the best leaders are the ones that start at the bottom and work their way up.

    I recommend that anyone who wants to be a nurse be a CNA first because if you still want to be a nurse after being a CNA, nursing is definitely the profession for you! :spin:
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    my application asked me this question. did you have your cpr certification before you entered a cna program?
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    I was taking nursing school prereqs and needed to find a job, quickly. I wanted a job in the field of nursing and I wanted a job that would allow me to continue attending school. As a bonus, being certified / working as a CNA will look good on my nursing school applications. I think that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
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    what do you love about being an CNA/PCT?

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