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Why can't I get hired?

  1. 0 I am an Associates Degree nursing student between the 1st & 2nd year. I have 8 hospitals within a 30 mile radius of home and have applied for Patient Tech positions everywhere. The problem is...only 2 interviews in 3 months. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and am sooooo discouraged. This is a career change for me so I don't really have any "contacts" anywhere. Does anyone have ideas that will help me land a job?
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    I have overheard some Nurse Managers saying they do not like dealing with nursing students because they do not care about the job (they will be RN shortly) and they take off too much all the time. They get tired of listening to RNs complaining about no CNA and having to clean poop AND do paperwork/meds.

    It is also the summer. Folks get less sick and any hospital that is not a trauma center gets low census. CNA hiring is low in the summer.

    This economy does not help much, either, sometimes.

    This may be the case in your area.

    Try high turnover places like LTACs, Nursing Homes, and Rehab.
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    I would hazard a guess that, as you will be an RN in a year, they think you won't be staying (especially if they only hire RNs who have BSNs). Perhaps don't tell people you are in nursing school but maybe it is a bit late for that.
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    The hospital in my area that hired me as a nurse extern stated they have not hired any PCTs or CNAs in over a year. Hiring freeze due to the economy. I am in the Dallas area, which has weathered the recession better than most states. So there is a good likelihood that facilities in your area either aren't hiring, or have incredible competition for the few openings they do have. In addition, your student nurse status means you will not be there long term as a tech. I would suggest you work hard to get into a nurse externship position. Many of the duties are the same as a tech, but it carries the expectation that you may be someone they want to hire when you graduate. I have found externship positions are not advertised. I got mine by calling and asking.
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    Oh my, I could have written this...I have a previous degree as well BA, and entering second year of Nsg program...So many patient care techs, yet NO call...I was really wondering the same thing, why so hard to get hired? Most positions I applied for state certified nursing assistant or nursing student with at least one clinical rotation! So we cant hide that fact unfortunately!
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    Quote from Isitpossible
    Oh my, I could have written this...I have a previous degree as well BA, and entering second year of Nsg program...So many patient care techs, yet NO call...I was really wondering the same thing, why so hard to get hired? Most positions I applied for state certified nursing assistant or nursing student with at least one clinical rotation! So we cant hide that fact unfortunately!
    Same exact boat as you. I did get 1 interview and since I have a B.S., they drilled me about leaving when economy picked up.

    I explained to them that I would not be walking out of nursing school after working so hard on pre-reqs just to get in, then leave to go back to my old career. I told them I needed to work as PCT for 2 years.

    I didn't get job, and not getting any calls.
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    I am looking for a job as a PCT for 2-3 months now. I can honestly say that I applied to 40+ jobs (with Advocate hospitals, Northshore University Healthcare System, Swedish Covenant......) And out of those countless applications I got 3 interviews (both with Northshore). I feel the same way you do! When I was taking CNA class all I could hear was that there is a shortage and getting a job would be very easy, they lied!!!!
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    what i dont understand about your interview, they were concerned about you leaving when economy starts to pick up (and at the rate this is going it will be YEARS!, side note)...but dont they realize once we get our degree, we will probably want to stay on as nurses...At least I know I do.. all the hospitals i applied to i would be willing to work as a nurse as well...I'm not going to just up and leave..ahhh frustrating very much
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    Thanks everyone for the info!! I have asked around, and found out more info for my area. One Nursing Recruiter I spoke with said that she had 120 applicants for one open position! Meanwhile, I have made friends with several nurses that will keep me posted of any upcoming positions, and will talk with their managers on my behalf. It sure does affect your confidence though when you apply for over 50 jobs and don't get ANY calls.
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    yes it does shake the confidence.. i even asked one hiring manager was there something wrong with my resume..she said no, nothing wrong at all..just to keep applying!! ughg..and for myself im applying for 3rd shift, which i imagine that most people would NOT want...good luck to us..no choice but to keep on trying!
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    It is good to know that I am not along in this ,I too had applied for PCT,PCA positions and also I have a medical assistant diploma and experience as a nurse assistant, I was applying for part time position since I would be attending nursing school this fall ,but to no avail so at present I am doing home health aide and I figured this would give me more flexibilty with my schedule.
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    I am new to the site here, but am continuosly having the same problems. I have applied to nearly every hospital in the phoenix metro area and have now been forced to work at Safeway (not useful for nursing school or work experience). I have two years hospital experience, but since i quit my last position every interview I go to seems stuck on that point. The recruiters all want to find out in detail why I quit ( talking of harrassment issues at an interview with another hospital does not seem a wise convo. choice). Does ayone have any ideas besides constant contact with Human Resource departments?
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    I work as a tech. I'm also an older student. I knew early on that I NEEDED to find a tech job at the hospital to get some experience, make a few bucks, learn some, and get my foot in the door.
    I finished my first semester of NS in November of 09 and applied to every single tech job the hospital posted - probably 12 in a 6 week period. I didn't get a single bite.
    I started my clinicals on a family practice unit and bugged the snot out of my clinical teacher constantly. She finally talked to the nurse manager who interviewed me. I was honest and confident in my interview and go the job.
    Many nurse managers don't want to hire students as techs because it is expensive to hire and train someone that will only work for one year. There is also that ever-changing schedule she will have to work around every single semester.
    On the other hand, some NMs want to hire someone that sees the job as a REAL job and will take it seriously and will possibly consider working on that unit after graduation. You need to find THAT manager.

    Start bugging your clinical teachers that have connections and do a GREAT job in clinical for that teacher and do your very best to communicate and get along well with all the nurses. Believe me, they talk and they know who is good and who isn't.

    good luck!