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Let's compare hourly pay. Please state you city: St. Louis, MO: $12.75 (plus differential for weekend/might)... Read More

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    Will be starting soon as a PCT on the cardiac unit. No experience, starting salary is $19.54 - Bronx, New York
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    What city are you from?
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    I just started as a PCT on a Med/Surg floor at $10.00hr with a 9% differential for nights, and a 15% differential for weekends. Location is in Anderson, Indiana - 20 miles northeast from Indianapolis.
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    12.96 plus an additional dollar as a unit clerk. When I was a paramedic, I made 16.50 plus an additional dollar. Any pct shift I picked up I functioned as a paramedic.
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    I work in Boston, I made 13 dollars an hour with 1.5 years CNA experience, now that I'm a nursing student I get 14. Day shift.
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    I made 10.20 with two years experience in TN. We're not known for our pay down here