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I have been applying like crazy and so far NOTHING!!!! It doesn't help that each hospital has an online only application system... no one to check with or call. The one time I tried to call HR anyways, the lady was irritated and... Read More

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    Persistence IS key! I graduated my CNA program last June, and IMMEDIATELY started applying for jobs- didn't get one until OCTOBER! I applied to just about every LTC, hospital and rehab place in the county. I'd never had trouble finding a job before, and I was frustrated and sad. Then, on a whim I decided to apply to the one last place I knew of, a hospital that was a little farther away than I originally had considered commuting... I wrote a convincing cover letter, and BAM! Two weeks later I was hired Moral of my story: don't give up, and write a good cover letter! People these days over look them a lot since most places do online applications only, but usually there is still a way to submit one, and it can make allllll the difference as I've learned Happy hunting!
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    Keep at it! I applied to the hospital I currently work at 6 times before I got a phone call back. One of my friends in HR says she get's 300 CNA/PCT applicants a month so sometimes it's just timing. One of my friends got hired at another hospital by going to a job fair there and applied there 3 times prior. Dont give up it will happen it just takes time.
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    The health care field is absolutely flooded with applicants these days. I took an EMT class a few years ago thinking Id have a job waiting for me when I finished. Well, I wasnt hired anywhere, and neither was my entire EMT class, or the class after us, or the class after that class. I actually had to compete just to get a VOLUNTEER emt position!

    CNAs can get work in LTC, because the work conditions and pay are horrendous, but hospital jobs are hit and miss. I wouldnt count on getting hired at a hospital. I would seek employment somewhere else in the interim to support yourself and gain experience, and then keep applying at a hospital and maybe you will eventually get lucky.
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    My first job I went to visit each hospital and by chance met the nurse recruiter. I simply asked her how a new CNA would go about entering a hospital. I shared a little of my goals (to become an RN) and she told me that while the hospital in general did not hire new CNA's that the rehab floor did and set up an interview.

    It was a great way to introduce me to the pace of a hospital, charting, etc without being surrounded by seriously acute patients. We had a lot of strokes, some accidents etc. About six months later I transferred to a step down unit where I could interact with more acute patients. It was great, but they were chronically short staffed and in time I wanted to leave.

    I targeted a hospital that I really wanted to work at and then applied, and applied, and applied. EIGHT times I applied for a position and finally got a call back. I've been in my new position two years and love it. Great hospital system that encourages education and I'm almost ready to start nursing school.

    Keep your chin up and keep trying to make connections! Apply, apply, apply!

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    I was told by several people that hospital jobs are not easy to get, even when you are qualified and meet the requirements. More than that, I heard that very often people who get hired as CNAs/PCTs in hospitals get those jobs because they know someone who works there and who recommended them. This situation upsets me quite a lot, cause I don't know anyone who works in a hospital.... so if anyone knows a different was of getting a job in the hospital, please share
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    Hello, could you give me some advice on writing a cover letter. my email is
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    Did you take comm 101 ? in college it helps you socialize and network with people a little bit better. It's sometimes true you have to know people to get the job, because people can put in a good word for you sometimes.
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    I got my first (and current) healthcare job at a hospital that I had volunteered at for a few years. Not only did I work in different departments but I also helped run the volunteer program as well. I was able to get to know the staff members pretty well, especially in the ER because I had many rotations there. I completed my nursing school pre-reqs during this time and then decided to pursue my phlebotomy certification. I had applied to positions at other hospitals and ambulance companies throughout the years and only got offered two interviews (one which I foolishly declined because I was in school but then I realized I could have requested to start later had I been offered the job) and another I did well in but was not offered the job. As soon as I received my phlebotomy certification in the mail, a per-diem position opened up in the ER. I asked some of the staff members to put in a good word for me,I polished my resume and cover letter and then went to my manager's office directly and handed them to her. She asked when I was available to interview and I met with her the next day and was hired on the spot. After years of looking for any job in the health care field, I found one that I wanted to most. I consider myself very lucky but I also put in a lot of hard work to even get to the point where I could be given the opportunity to interview. I believe one of the nurse practitioners that I got to know very well put in a good word to my manager so that by the time I interviewed, my manager had mostly made up her mind.

    1. Don't give up
    2. Try to network as best you can, for me I volunteered in the hospital and got to know a lot of people.
    3. Have someone look over your resume: I would see if there is a career center nearby or there are any upcoming job fairs. Luckily for me, my Aunt has worked in HR for many companies so I gave her my resume and she changed things around to highlight my strengths.
    4. If you see a position open in a certain department, try going to the manager's office and handing your resume in person. This will show that you are serious about the position and are assertive. Many people with similar qualifications apply to jobs online so putting a face to a name will help you stand out.
    5. Go over your interview skills. Have someone ask you interview questions and research information about the hospital such as mission, core values or even your specific department etc. and be confident.

    Best of luck to you!
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    I believe getting my job was pure luck. I did have experience, so I think that helped a lot, but they were really needing help in the ER and I basically made myself look good to them. I kinda bragged about my work ethic and passion for nursing (especially ER) and how I love the pace. I also told them that I really desired to work in the ER when I graduate from nursing school. My advice is to sell yourself! Show how you are better than the thousands of others trying to get that position. Have a great resume and follow up after your interview with a thank you letter/email. Also make sure you practice with your interview skills, like with a friend or someone who is good at asking good sneaky questions. Lastly, be confident but not cocky. Good luck!
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    i dont know what state ur in but in ohio if u are a stna you have to havbe one year of experience first to even apply for the hospitals. references in the field help big time. also i called hr and got a call 2 days late for my interview tomorrow at nationwide childrens in columbus...keep applying for every job at the site, check your email and your app status daily and call hr if rejected and see if your over qualified or under qualified and ask for tips for future reference so they know ur interested in being better applicable and they will remember your name. worked for me. hope i get the job there. i work in long term care and also did homecare and been licensed since 2009. good luck

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