Parish nursing

  1. Hello;
    This my first posting and I'm not very computer savvy.
    I am interested in Parish Nursing and live in the So. California area but have been unable to locate any training locations nearby. I am an RN, MSN with over ten years in home health.
    If anyone has information about the nearest location it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, B Eaton
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    Welcome! There is a parish nursing thread area, maybe you should visit there, too???? good luck to you!
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    I know Azusa Pacific University offers studies in parish nursing.
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    I must really be out of the loop but the term, Parish Nursing is new and completely foreign to me. I almost didn't ask I'm so embarassed at my ignorance. Please educate me on what I thought had to be nurses working in Louisiana or for Catholic Charities. Duhhhh.:imbar
  8. by   RetiredMSN
    Hello Beaston. I was also a home care nurse until retirement, and have developed a Congregational Health (or Parish Nurse) Program in my own church since retiring. I have done a lot of reading and talking with others on the topic, but am not really an expert. However, it has been fun, challenging & very rewarding. I believe you will find information you need at the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. I do not have the website address, unfortunately, but, if you just type this into your web page search box, it will come up. You will find that home care is probably the best back ground for Parish Nursing. You will really enjoy it. RetiredMSN
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    Hi Nurses,i was wondering about the Parish nurses,i thought i am the only one ignoring the job description of this nursing.After reading your comments i understood evrything about this specialty.
    Thank you
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    Hi All! I am in charge of making the invitaions for our commission ceremony in December in the Parish Nursing Program. I was wondering if anyone has a usable Parish Nursing Logo that would copy well onto invitations? I'd appreciate any advice or help! Susan