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Hey there! I work for a Texas post total knee and joint surgical unit. 6years ago the nurse to patient ratio was 1:4 on nights(no cna, no secretary). 1:4 on days with a nurse aid. However, one year ago a new CNO came on... Read More

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    We have 1:5 at the most, with 2 aides til 7pm and one aide overnight. 5 fresh post-ops can definitely keep us running!

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    I work in MN, our ratios are as follows 20 bed unit:

    Days: 4:1, HUC and 2 aides
    Eves: 4-5:1, HUC and 2 aides
    Nocs: 6:1, no HUC, 1-2 aides
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    TX- at my facility ortho/neuro 20 bed if full mostly 5:1, charge, 2 techs, secretary. Sometimes we get 6:1 if staffing is the issue.
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    Ortho/medical 44 beds
    days 6:1 with pcts having 8-10 1 unit clerk
    eves 7:1 techs 10 1 unit clerk
    nights 10:1 with charge taking 4, 4 techs, no unit clerk
    that was one of the best places I have ever worked, very organized and everyone worked together, if the CNO walked thru and and call light was going off she answered it.......don't know how it is now that was 6 years ago....
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    My floor is 1 nurse : 5 patients and 2 CNA's on the floor for day and eve shift.
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    IL ortho/surgical, 21 beds

    Days -- 5/6:1, 2 aides, charge
    Nights -- 6/7:1, sometimes 1 aide, charge may take pts

    A secretary/clerk? Never heard of it!
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    1:5-6 for nurses, although we often have 7-9 patients in a day due to admissions and discharges.
    1-3 techs for 28 beds
    1 charge nurse, 1 secretary.

    We max out at 6, so after that the charge nurse will take patients.
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    4:1 all shifts, but occasionally take a fifth if were short. At night we have 1 tech and 0-3 aides, depending on the unit census. Days usually has 1-3 CNAs (by census again), a secretary and a tech, plus volunteers are available for restocking, dropping off labs/picking up blood, etc.
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    Days 1:5
    Nights 1:6-7

    CNAs: 1:12 on both shifts
    Secretary 9-5
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    25 bed unit
    5:1 day and night shifts
    3-4 CNAs during the day
    2-3 CNAs @ night
    1-2 unit secretaries day/night

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