Do you know anything about Lumbar Disc Replacement

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    I am looking for any information I can get about lumbar disc replacement. I am considering having this procedure done but I would like to know more about it before do anything.
    Any information, anecdotes would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Tassie Nurse:confused

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    You mean, where they actually replace the disc? I've seen during fusions where they use cages but not replace the disc...?
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    Interesting that you would bring this up. My husband visited a physiastrist (sp?) yesterday. This doctor told him that the FDA is currently studying this and it should be approved in about 2 years. Here is a link for you that also has some info:

    Also I did a Google search yesterday by typing in "degenerative disk disease and disk replacement." Got a ton of hits.

    This doctor yesterday seemed very hopeful that this procedure would be available in the US in a couple of years. He said my husband would be a great candidate for this surgery. The information looked very encouraging. So far my husband doesn't have any nerve involvement with his disk disease, so he can hold off on any kind of surgery for now.

    Hope this helps. If you want, you can PM me about this.
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    Thanks for your replies, yes LasVegasRN they do replace the disc with a titanium one. I have found about six surgeons in Australia who do this op but I thought it was more common in the USA and I was hoping someone may have had first hand experience. I have looked at most of the sites, it is hard to make a decision though. I am scared that I might end up worse than I already am.

    thanks again

    Tassie Nurse
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    In 1983, I had an anterior total disc replacement L5S1. They put cow bone in. My back is not perfect, but I can walk 10 feet without being on the floor. If I had it to do over again.....I would
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    Tassie Nurse have you spoken wiht any of the Artificial Disk surgeons? In comparison with fusion which sounds like what AngieBruno had......right now the generally done option AD is rare. There are 2 types of AD the Charite III and the Acroflex that I have know about. There have been past efforts including replacng only the nucleus and leaving the annulus.

    AngieBruno being able to walk 10 feet while better than not walking at all, doesn't sound like very good success. What is your level of pain and disability. I have had so many tests and treatments for my L3-4 and L5-S1 that I still am not ready to consider surgery/replacement. I already have arachnoiditis .

    TassieNurse please read up and talk with a surgeon. I understand that Cananda has approved the surgery and the US is considering it. I haven't heard about Australia at all.

    On the MGH Spinal Disorders 3 site there is a person who had the Charite III. His nickname there is mmglobal and he is willing to read e-mail questions. You might want to see about this
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    Tasie nurse - really know nothing about you problem - but would like to say hi amd good to see you contibuting - so welcome hope you find you solution
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    Thanks so much to everyone for taking the time to read and reply to my post.

    I have researched the subject as much as I possibly can and am now booked for surgery on the 10th of February 2003.

    The artificial discs that they are using is Link SB Charite. It looks very promising and I am hoping to be able to return to work within 4 months of the operation.

    There is an animation of the operation at

    Once again thanks everyone, I appreciate it.

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    Heres a fantastic web site (message board). I am a patient, due to recieve a 2 level Prodisc Implant. I am Cindee on that site too if you have any questions!! Good luck...
    Go to the "message boards"
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