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Hi! I have LOTS of info that people seem to be searching for.....After reading ALL of the posts in regard to ITT Portland RN program AND doing a TON of research via calls and internet, I too decided... Read More

  1. by   anon695
    $54K for an associates degree? Are you also buying a 2-bedroom house in Las Vegas for 800,000 on an adjustable rate mortgage and working with a Nigerian prince to claim inheritance money from a long-lost uncle? This is a total rip-off and you'll be sinking in loan debt faster than Greece & Ireland, stay away from this for-profit school.
  2. by   mikvegas123
    anon695 you seem like a math wizard!! Here is one problem for you to figure out. 3 to 5 years to even get into a nursing program or if you ever do. Then 4 years to graduate. So in those 9 miserable years you are still working for $8 an hour or you are broke as hell living at your parents house these graduates will be long making well over 60,000 a year. They will have their RN license and will be nurses and you will still be hoping that your 3.8 gpa will get you into a program along with the other 300 students with the same gpa or higher applying for 23 seats at your community college. OOOOOpssss did i do that!!!!! ha ha ha lmao!!!
  3. by   SummitRN
    mikevegas, you don't seem like a math wizard... it shouldn't take 3-5 years to get into RN school. It should take 1-3 depending on the person regardless of whether they are after a BSN or ADN. Further, if you think that most ITT grads are able to get hired to a 60K/yr job right after graduation, you might be dreaming the dream that the for profits want to sell you on. The people from the top-tier schools are having trouble getting any job. How will ITT students pay that debt with no job for 1-2 years (around here the average job search time for a new ADN is 12-18 months, 4-10 months for a BSN).
  4. by   mikvegas123
    Ha ha ha!!! SummitAP you are too easy!! First off let me break you down slowly. Yes you are right if you are good you can get your prerequisites done in 1 and 1/2 years. But most people it take about 2-3 yrs. People who are working full time might take longer. But if you read the whole thing you would see where I stated that you will be competing with about 300 hundred or more applicants with about only 23-30 seats. It might take you years or you might never get in. I have seen people on this forums who have been trying for over 3 years with a gpa over 3.5 and high test results and still have not been accepted. Oh and where do you get your figures on how long or average it takes for certain nurses to find a job. Everybody's work ethic at finding jobs are different. Some people try harder and look longer than others. Some fill out more apps or look further. Some people go out only once a month. So you cant really get an accurate number on those figures. Please I have seen hospitals overtaken with foreign nurses who can barely speak english and got their education at a nursing school in the phillipines which I know dont have nlnac accreditation. And you are worried about Itt tech!!!!! I think you are bored and looking for people to attack so you can make yourself feel better. P.S. I didn't know ADD was also a reading problem!!!! Next time read the whole reply. Never claimed to be a math wizard I just have common sense!!!!!! I dont like haters and I will break every one of you down......No Im not part of the school nor am I affiliated. I just dont like when people come on here and try to put people down who are trying to do something. Some of those people dont have any other choice. You might be jabbing away at their last hope and dream. What do you want them to do. Stop going after their dreams and go on welfare. Its people like you that got me worried for the future of this country......Thank god canada is not that far away........
  5. by   Kmolss01
    Look ITT tech is an awesome school and i have already been promised a job at gradguation......I gradguate march 2013 not that far away.
  6. by   abree0323

    Glad to hear the good news on ITT. I am looking to start in september. I have yet to go to a seminar and everything so I can find out more info. But that's awesome that you are promised a job already.

    This is making me breathe a little easier!
  7. by   NurseToBe3
    How long does it take to get official accredidation (sp?) from OSBN? And what does candidacy status mean? Does that mean you are automatically accepted to Walla Walla or Linfield for the the RN to BSN program after graduating here? I was recently accepted into MHCC's nursing program, (it took me three years to do my clsses) but my huband is also going for nursing and he has a lower GPA than I do. We are both really worried about him getting accepted somewhere so this seems like it might be an option. I don't think either of us would be comfortable until it is acreddited (we have a friend that went through one of those types of scools and right before he would have graduated they lost their acreddidation and he wasted all that time and money). I do remember looking into ITT last summer and they were in the initial stages then too. How long does it take?
  8. by   JROregon
    Kmolss01 - The word is graduate not gradguate. What kind of job were you offered if I may ask.
  9. by   MariaCMA
    I have been waiting and waiting and hoping to get into one of the Portland Area Community College nursing programs. Last year was a no, and this year I am on an alternate list. I have a family getting older as am I, and I have determined I can not keep waiting and hoping forever. I am giving some serious thought to ITT as I would like to accomplish my goal of getting my RN.
    Thanks for offering up some info about ITT nursing program....
    I have noticed some obvious down speech toward ITT having a nursing program as I have been reading along, but I know I can't be alone in this quest to get into a nursing program and achieve my RN. From what I have read, there are a lot of people with all of the pre-requisites completed and no RN program available for them. This seems like the perfect option for anyone out there who can't get directly into a program. I know I am doing some research and seriously considering this option.
    Once again, just wanted to thank you for posting the info.