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Hi! I have LOTS of info that people seem to be searching for.....After reading ALL of the posts in regard to ITT Portland RN program AND doing a TON of research via calls and internet, I too decided to try to get into one of the... Read More

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    Kmolss01 - The word is graduate not gradguate. What kind of job were you offered if I may ask.
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    I have been waiting and waiting and hoping to get into one of the Portland Area Community College nursing programs. Last year was a no, and this year I am on an alternate list. I have a family getting older as am I, and I have determined I can not keep waiting and hoping forever. I am giving some serious thought to ITT as I would like to accomplish my goal of getting my RN.
    Thanks for offering up some info about ITT nursing program....
    I have noticed some obvious down speech toward ITT having a nursing program as I have been reading along, but I know I can't be alone in this quest to get into a nursing program and achieve my RN. From what I have read, there are a lot of people with all of the pre-requisites completed and no RN program available for them. This seems like the perfect option for anyone out there who can't get directly into a program. I know I am doing some research and seriously considering this option.
    Once again, just wanted to thank you for posting the info.

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