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Hi! I have LOTS of info that people seem to be searching for.....After reading ALL of the posts in regard to ITT Portland RN program AND doing a TON of research via calls and internet, I too decided to try to get into one of the top 30 spots. I am posting here because in doing my reasearch to make the best possible educated decision for myself, I needed LOTS of information. Now I want to share my experience.

This was THE EASIEST process ever! The hard part was waiting to get the letter. I literally called the school for seminar info in August 2010, took the HESI on 09/01/10 and got the acceptance letter 10/29/10. I start the course the week of 12/06/10.

ACCREDITATION and RN-BSN:After taking the HESI, I did A LOT of research. I spoke with a rep @ Linfield as well as the previous ITT program chair Justina and the current program chair Ilene. BOTH chair's were MORE than helpful and extremely informative. I CONFIRMED that there are articulation agreements in place w/ Walla Walla University as well as Linfield for BSN studies. Many BSN programs want you to have graduated from an NLN accredited school. ITT is in candidacy status as per the NLN website. You will find this on the NLN website under ITT in INDIANA. ITT's corporate headquarters are based there. Hence, candidacy there. I did verify that students who attend during candidacy status are grandfathered in as grads of the NLN accredidation once ITT is OFFICIALLY accredited.

HESI A2 Testing:This test was EASY!! Only math/english grammar/reading comprehesion/vocabulary are on this test. Not the science/physics/chemistry portions. The main math study points are: ratio/proportions; metric mesurements; ALL facets of fractions (add, subtract, mult., divide), and EXTREMELY BASIC algebra. Calculator is not necessary for this test (unless you don't know your multiplication facts.) Calculator and scrap paper materials ARE PROVIDED. You cannot bring anything to the test.

COST OF ATTENDENCE:EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE for an associates degree!!! $518/credit hour. If you have your basic general ed pre-reqs completed through PCC or MHCC or other; you will save upwards of $17k. So do the pre-reqs prior IF YOU CAN...ITT does 3 cycles of financial aid while you are in attendance. So IF YOU QUALIFY>>> 3 Pell FULLGrants ($16650 FREE $$); $32500 of FEDERALLY BACKED LOAN MONEY. All together that totals $49150.00... AS OF TODAY 11/17/10, the cost of attendence is $54687 (included kit fee, ONE TIME admin fee, etc). So... you see! The difference is $5537! You are thinking where I am going to get that money?! ITT has a GREAT $3000 Scholarship available to INDEPENDANT students. If you have a 0 EFC on your financial aid/FAFSA, DO THIS! It is a matter of completing an application and turning it in. And there are MANY scholarships available. You can reasearch ITT's scholarship info on their website (as I did). The other thing ITT does that makes it easy for you to get signed up and started is a credit program with the school. They can help you with pushing off your balance until yuou graduate. You OF COURSE want to apply as much money as you can to the bill, but they made it possible for me to start with NO UPFRONT/OUT-OF-POCKET costs. I have a carry over... I will get the scholarship as well as apply my employers tution-reimbursement plan toward that balance to knock it out before the next financial aid cyle. ITT gave me credit so I don't have to borrow more than I need for the cost of attendence.

With the cost of this attendence, you have to think about what is best for your family and yourself... Do you want to pay more now and get school done? OR do you want to wait and try to get into one of the Portland area schools?Also, with nursing tuition, there are TONS of programs that will pay your tuition back once you are done with schoo. For example, HRSA Grant... If you work in a critical need area (NOT THE PDX METRO AREA) and you are a full time staff member, this federal loan forgiveness is available.

SCHEDULE:At this point, school is 2 days a week. Very convenient if you have a flexible employer. I currently work for Legacy Health Systems and my boss was able to work around my schedule temporarily and through the first term. I am happy with that.

FUTURE EMPLOYMENT: Most companies want an RN from an NLN accredited school (which INCLUDES ITT). The state of Oregon is extremely rigid in its accreditation and licensing requirements Nursing programs. I am sure the education will the very good as per Oregon standards. I know Legacy has a NEW GRAD internship program for new RN grads... The requirements are 3.5 GPA as well as obtaining your BSN within 5 yrs of date of hire. Now in working for Legacy for the last several years, this company is EXCELLENT!! There are a couple of hundred applicants (new grads) who applied to the last RN internship. They are having a new grad intership application currently. It is NOT ALWAYS OPEN.... You can go to for more info.

So... I hope all of this helps and if there are any questions, feel free to comment of message me!

do more research, NLNAC denied the Indianapolis ITT Tech. They are not getting accredidation at this time.


Go to NLNAC - National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission

Click "Programs With Candidate Status" tab on the right....

ALL school are in Alpha Order... You WILL find ITT TECHNICAL... They are in candidacy until 2011 :)

YOU do some more research.

This is the Link Showing denial in 2009.

NLNAC Commission Actions - July 2009

They are not accredited. They are a candidate and going through the process. But they are not currently accredited. If they were it would be on the accredited part on the site. Candidate status does not mean accredited.

Specializes in ICU + Infection Prevention.

Schools like ITT claim candidacy status and tell you they will certainly be approved. In reality, they keep getting rejected and then reapply for candidacy.

Also, you might want to check directly with NLNAC whether certifying one ITT location certifies all locations across the many cities and states. I do not believe this is the case.

It's sad that ITT charges way more for an ADN then what I'm paying at a private non-profit university for a BSN... a university that IS accredited.

Specializes in ICU + Infection Prevention.

Further, Linfield and Walla Walla may accept your RN from ITT for their RN->BSN, but their website explicitly states that they will only accept transfer credits from a regionally accredited institution. ITT is NOT. ITT is nationally accredited.

You will have to come with 60+ credits to transfer in that did not come from ITT.

Then I suppose for that matter nobody should go to Concordia for nursing either... They are in candidacy status currently as well until next year....

ITT was denied, by like my ORIGINAL post states, ITT IS currently in "candidacy" status... Not denied, candidacy. I NEVER posted that they were NLN accredited. >>>MicheleMA, if you are so interested in finding out info about Pdx nursing then use your google and search; don't worry about what I wrote if you don't like it. I was SIMPLY stating my experience for the people who had questions about ITT as info is hard to come by.

>>> SummitAP...I am glad you were accepted into a local, BSN program. Unfortunately, I have not been picked in 3 yrs with a 3.45 GPA. Since time is of the essence for me now that my kids are getting older, I wanted to get in. I applied @ Uof P, OHSU, Linfield, PCC, MHCC, Chemeketa, and Concordia. I didn't get in anywhere.... So, ITT it is. I wish I was selected, but I wasn't.

I know they are not accredited. My post does not indicate that. I know what candidacy status means. My post states that ITT is in candidacy status as they are.

Specializes in ICU + Infection Prevention.
Unfortunately, I have not been picked in 3 yrs ... I applied @ Uof P, OHSU, Linfield, PCC, MHCC, Chemeketa, and Concordia. I didn't get in anywhere.... So, ITT it is

I am NOT saying that you are not good enough to be a nurse, not at all! But I am saying that the market may be trying to tell you something about your competitiveness in the current economic climate. It's always about you versus other prospects when it comes to employment.

If ITT is the school that takes the people who couldn't get in anywhere else... surely employers know it. If new grads from top programs are going months or years without a job... where will that leave you as an ITT graduate?

It seems like a risk you must balance with your dream and family... I am sure you have given it much thought over the years. But isn't the risk analysis pretty harsh when you consider chances for ITT grads coupled with having crippling amounts of student debt? Risk is not fate. I wish you good luck!

I am extremely interested in ITT Tech. I have visited the Henderson Campus. I Attended Carrington for my MA 7 years ago. I am familiar with Tech schools and Debt. I Hope ITT Portland is a good school. I WANT it to be so I can attend. I just know how these schools tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign up. If i am going to pay $50 grand for a school I want to be able to get a education worth the money and one that will prepare me for the NCLEX. All that really matters is state board accreditation, even that is provisional. I would like more information on the program as you attend. I am considering starting there in march. Thank you.

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