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Greetings fellow future nurses! I just mailed my application packets for Mt. Hood CC, Clackamas CC, and Portland CC today and excited to be done with them. I have my proctored essay for OHSU this Wednesday and am a little worried... Read More

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    I'm in the 20s on the MHCC waitlist, but they have always taken over 30 students from the waitlist. Just feels like it's cutting it close, what if this is the year they don't take 30 students? I know the chances of that are low, but I'm sweating a little at the risk. But I know MHCC and it's the closest to me, even that's a 40 min drive but every other school is 1hr min.

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    I just got my letter from CCC! I got an alternate spot! Lucky I applied to as many schools as I did and got a spot at PCC. I'm sure there will be lots of juggling around so heads up sasafrass0123 and others who are alternates. So now I just have to figure out how to pay for two years of nursing school! I did get my FAFSA in so I'll see what package PCC can put together for me. I spoke with a financial aid adviser for PCC and they said they would be attending the info session next Tuesday (the 5th, from 9am - 11am).
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    Hi everyone -

    I got my acceptance letter to CCC today I'm so thankful! I also got into PCC, so will be declining my spot there for those of you that are on the waiting list.

    To everyone else that got accepted into CCC - congrats!!! Can't wait to meet you all
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    CCC here I come. Yeah and congrats to everyone else.
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    Oh, I thought that was just for wait-listed students because that was the date I had to send in my reply since I am on the wait-list for Ashland.

    I called OHSU directly and they said that they are still waiting for 30% of the students to reply, so those who got in, may have another deadline and that is the one I am wondering about. Are you saying its the same, May 25th?

    BTW.... congrats to all that got into CCC. I am wait-listed for that one as well. Gotta just be patient and see what God has planned for me. Do you guys know the points you receive in the interview?
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    Hey everyone! I've been following the posts for quite some time and just decided to chime in. Congrats to everyone that is in a program! I'm wait listed for PCC(61) and UofP(80). I'm conflicted about a couple of things, I've taken my pre-reqs for linfield minus microbiology but this application period doesn't notify until oct 1st. Thats where I'd love to go but of course would just be happy to be accepted and in a program. I'm also curious about people thoughts on George fox I'm taking their prereqs as well. Honestly I know it's great to be on a wait list but idk how far they go on the lists, someone at PCC said usually around 50.Thoughts?
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    Malameda: I was accepted into OHSU Portland, and my letter had a May 25th (postmarked) deadline. I am not sure what the other OHSU campuses set as their deadline. Good luck!!

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    I got into CCC so will be declining my #9 alternate spot at MHCC. Hope this helps someone out there! Congrats to everyone, it's been a looooong road! We should all be very proud of ourselves for even making it this far. Can't wait to meet my future classmates on the 15th!
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    I wanted to let everyone know that I sent in my decline letter for PCC waitlist #18 today, and I am declining my acceptance to MHCC. Here I come Clackamas. I still can't believe how tough of a decision it was. But it will be fun to meet everyone that chats on here, on my birthday! Yes, June 15th, our orientation day for Clackamas, just happens to be my B-Day, lol.

    I hope some of you get to move up or in to one of the spots for PCC or MHCC. Good luck to you all!
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    Hey everybody! I also have been a silent viewer of this forum but I wanted to add in my application status so that those who are waiting to see if they are making their way closer to a spot at MHCC off of the alternate list (just like I am doing for PCC) will be encouraged. I have a spot in the Winter cohort for MHCC that I will be declining if I get into PCC (waitlisted at 10). So there ya go!

    I also wanted to give my stats to encourage others (applying next year?) that you don't have have to have a 4.0 and be perfect to get into nursing school. I don't know my exact GPA but I have 3 B's in Micro, WR 121 and nutrition and I only have 9 mo. of CNA I experience. Keep plugging away!
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