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Passed the CNOR exam

  1. 3 Just passed my CNOR certification exam this afternoon! It was the most difficult test in my nursing career. I don't remember the NCLEX being this stressful. My advice for those studying for it is to refresh on your test-taking skills. I find that it is 40% knowledge and 60% test-taking techniques. I studied for three months using the AORN Prep Course and the 2011 AORN Standards and Recommended Practices. Most importantly, know your lab values, acid-base balance and sterilization parameters.
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    Congrats! Yea!

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    Congrats! I will be taking mine sometime next year.
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    Congrats!! I too found it one of the harder tests I've taken. For those who haven't taken it yet, it's not just circulating stuff. They test you on anesthesia, pre-op, PACU, legal issues, and central sterile.

    I was so relieved when the window popped up saying that I passed-and I don't usually get test anxiety.
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    Congrats! I just missed it by 3 pts ......very hard test. I have always tested well and never have test anxiety. I tried to study on my own, and the study material I bought was not ver helpful. I'll try again after I save for the fee. Is a study course worth the $$$?
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    Quote from Lisa Martin
    Congrats! I just missed it by 3 pts ......very hard test. I have always tested well and never have test anxiety. I tried to study on my own, and the study material I bought was not ver helpful. I'll try again after I save for the fee. Is a study course worth the $$$?
    I did AORN's review course. Not only did it help me pass the test, but I was also able to use the continuing ed credits for my license renewal, and with the way the CNOR renewal is structured, I was also able to use them towards that as well.
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    I did the review course sponsored by AORN (was a 2 day weekend class that I dialed in)and found it very helpful. I highly recommend doing some studying 4-6 weeks before the exam and get the basics down (lab values, ABG's, positioning, sterilization parameters. I also liked the test preps to see what areas I needed to focus on and study up on. This fall I am working on a class for colleagues at my facility.

    It was tough and I admit it produced anxiety enough that I will NEVER let it lapse. Congratulations~~
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    CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!!

    I passed the CNOR exam about 3 weeks ago and I found it to be much more intimidating than NCLEX!! It was a tough test. The questions questions were structured much differently than I expected. Not just knowing what a condition is, but knowing how you would expect to treat the condition. I am so thankful this experience is over!!!!
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    Congrats. Did you take for yourself or at the encouragement of your employer? My problem with it is the enormous amount of CEU required to keep it up and then you have to take the test again. I don't mine continuing ed but after so many years it all seems the same thing over and over.

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    Congratulations! I'm happy and jealous at the same time. I took my test and missed the 'cut' by 6 points. Needless to say I'm very disappointed. Now, I just need to get back on the proverbial horse. Has anyone taken the CCI CNOR bundle? On CCI's website it will get you ready for the CNOR and give you CEU as well. I figured they are the ones giving the exam so they are the ones that knows how the test will be.Thank u all in advance
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    I took my CNOR last year OCT 2011 and failed... I have been an OR nurse for 15 years and am finishing my RNFA.. i have studied for a whole year... have taken the AORN online CNOR prep course, taken 2 prep courses at 2 different hospitals, purchased all the latest CCI study info , and read the Standards... i take my test on Nov 1st and am deadly afraid of failing again.... it is SO HARD.... i have spent so much time on this...... i hope I can achieve this.... i am not a good test taker.. ;(
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    I hear ya girl... i missed it by 3... i am going to take it again this thurs.... i am also very diasappointed. i did purchase the cci bundle....and take a couple of cnor prep courses.... i still feel like i am going to fail ;(... i am very nervous... i have spent over a year and 1/2 studying for this test