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NurseLumpia specializes in MedSurg (Ortho), OR.

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  1. NurseLumpia

    Cardio-Thoracic Differential Pay

    During my CV time, the CV team got the same base pay. But, we do get a monthly stipend.
  2. NurseLumpia

    Passed the CNOR exam

    Congratulations! I'm happy and jealous at the same time. I took my test and missed the 'cut' by 6 points. Needless to say I'm very disappointed. Now, I just need to get back on the proverbial horse. Has anyone taken the CCI CNOR bundle? On CCI's website it will get you ready for the CNOR and give you CEU as well. I figured they are the ones giving the exam so they are the ones that knows how the test will be.Thank u all in advance
  3. NurseLumpia

    What would you do?

    I have a different view on this equation. My two cents would be to go with what will make you better/happy in the long run. You have to think of this as a "business decision", I say this, because in management eyes we are commodities. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Hope this helps you.
  4. NurseLumpia

    Ranking OR from Nurses' POV

    As far as best place to work
  5. NurseLumpia

    Ranking OR from Nurses' POV

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if there are any publications that rank OR's from a nurses' point of view. By state preferably Thanks!
  6. NurseLumpia

    set up how do i proceed to work with these people

    That is a different way of seeing things, but, at times unreasonable... I say this because there are cases where it can take over 7 hours plus! So, what I am saying is, the last thing you ate would be before the day starts (0630) then the next thing you eat is at 1500. That is unreasonable.
  7. NurseLumpia

    I need some serious, honest advice.

    Very disheartening!!! Does your hospital have a patient safety hotline? The hospital that I work with has one of this and takes anonymous calls from everyone. If not, I would suggest go look up their patient service hotline and tell the pencil pushers about what happened since they are scared of bad press this might open their eyes.
  8. NurseLumpia

    Sharp/Instrument Count Question

    What about placing your count sheet where you will likely open your countables, as soon as you open you are documenting. :)
  9. NurseLumpia

    why are OR's so cold

    I just had this happen to me today. I was scrubbing and wore a 2 piece lead and thyroid shield plus surgical gown and under the lights then having the CArm in the room. The room temp was a cool temp of 70 and after 5 hours I literally could ring my scrubs of sweat. Our thermostat in the room was malfunctioning and the AC couldn't go any lower, maint was 'working on it'. I was suprised the team didn't pass out from dehaydration
  10. NurseLumpia

    OR orientation questions

    We first start w/ OR class of 3 days & 2 days didactic for 6 weeks, pass a test. Then it is off to train w/ preceptors, first scrubbed then circulate for different specialties burns, peds, ENT etc... Once the powers that be feel we have a good grasp (after 4-6 months) we then get precepted to Ortho, Neuro, and Robot. The reasoning is that they want our confidence built before going into these harder cases. We aren't placed into teams per se, but each person is evaluated on how they do on each specialty if they are interested in it. Only CTOR has a team concept
  11. NurseLumpia

    How fast are you?

    don't forget about positioning and if the pt is getting a spinal/epidural/or lines...
  12. NurseLumpia

    Effective OR resume

    Hi everyone, I am updating my resume and would like some help in writing and effective OR resume. I found this link https://allnurses.com/operating-room-nursing/resume-348408.html?highlight=resume but have a couple of questions, should I breakdown which cases I can do scrubbing, circulating, and if I can do both. Any suggestions welcome Thank you in advance...
  13. NurseLumpia

    chloaprep & open fractures??

    should report to patient safety hotline
  14. NurseLumpia

    Questions for the OR interviewer

    Hello all, First of all, yes, I did search for questions in the forum, but, maybe I didn't state it correctly. My questionnaire is, for experienced OR nurses what would you ask your interviewer during an interview? My story is as follows: I have 2 yrs of OR experience and I have found another hospital that would help me in my quest to be a FA. I have my own questions to ask for the interviewer, but would like to see if those questions are about the same as my peers. Thank you to all in advance... :)
  15. NurseLumpia

    drive time

    We have 30 minutes from getting the call to be in the OR and fully check in the patient. So we have to call SPD while we are driving in
  16. NurseLumpia

    OR Pet peeves

    I have less than a yr under my belt. But, as a scrub, the biggest peeve that I have encountered so far is when management decides to your next case in another room, the scrub will only do just THAT! Open up your stuff, so you're cleaning up and packing etc. you run into the room and BOOM your mayo/back table isn't set up, ***?! I mean come on, I'm new and even I know that it's common curtesy to set up the table/mayo.