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  1. Short Stay/Pre-op Areas

    I am the Director of Surgical Services (OR, SPD, PACU and Short Stay/Preop) and in my first year--was the OR asst director for 7 years and educator for all for 5. I am working to improve the work environment for the staff and their engagement-----th...
  2. RNFA or CSFA in the OR

    Thank you very much
  3. RNFA or CSFA in the OR

    Thank you-we've had (and my former employer had) them in the OR but not a RNFA....yet. Just trying to find out how far their roles and abilities/competencies extend as the scope of practice isn't very detailed and I want them to reach their full pot...
  4. RNFA or CSFA in the OR

    Hi, If you have CSFAs and RNFAs in your OR, would you share with me the type of duties they perform. If you have CV (open hearts), what are some of the primary duties and tasks performed in those cases? We are growing our program and looking t...
  5. Education Dept-hospital model

    Hi, looking for some information on what is happening at other hospitals in their clinical education department(s) for the staff. Anything you would like to share is appreciated! [COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]-How many colleagues are in th...
  6. Nursing Peer Review Board Information Wanted

    Thank you--am told it can work very well (and that is what I want to get to and help make happen). Will definitely check back in and share when I/we get to that point. Stacey
  7. Nursing Peer Review Board Information Wanted

    Hi, great question. It is meant to have a place for events to go so that nurses are reviewing cases by fellow nurses of a similar rank/specialty and not so much evaluating as looking at how his/her actions followed policy. In addition, does the fac...
  8. Good afternoon, As part of my MSN practicum I am looking to help develop a Nursing Peer Review Board for our division for events that need a review of cares to the EBPs that are present for all areas. This is different than a peer review for evaluat...
  9. I am reaching out for any type of examples of the model used at your facility. Centralized or unit based educators How many educators and FTEs allowed in education and how was it determined Do you have a staffing grid for your education department ...
  10. Skin issues for a 'new' ST

    We have a new ST who is having a reaction to the gloves and possibly the hand scrub(s). We are presently doing skin testing with her and have started to look at the hand scrub solutions next (along with dermatology/hoping an allergist). Any alternati...
  11. Surgical Attire in Your OR

    Same problem here recently. Anesthesia bringing skull caps that we removed from inventory from other facilities in town. Looking to put something into their next contract. It's very difficult to watch them come by even after saying something to the p...
  12. Surgical Attire in Your OR

    Send me your email address or better yet your phone number and I'll share with you the good, bad, and the ugly on where we started and where we are right now.
  13. Set up for cases

    Hello- I am a OR nurse by trade but moved to an educator role and my service lines include OR, SSCU, PACU, SPD, and Radiology. I am learning so much every day and want to make sure that as I observe and do the education I don't come in blazing but l...
  14. We were talking today about the practice of putting the glass bone cement vials into a empty saline or water bottle and closing it up to avoid the 'fumes' permeating the room. In our discussion the ? was asked is this safe? Could there be a gas bui...
  15. Cardioversions in PACU

    Thank you for the quick reply. I finally found some documentation and help from a textbook but your answers and experience is a great help as well. Thank you so much.