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I am a OR nurse by trade but moved to an educator role and my service lines include OR, SSCU, PACU, SPD, and Radiology. I am learning so much every day and want to make sure that as I observe and do the education I don't come in blazing but learn about practices that ensure patient safety (sterile technique, attire, etc). One of the things I'd like to hear from you is:

What type of set up is done by the scrub RN or Techs getting ready or doing the case?

Gloves, mask, cap only or full gloves, mask, cap and gowns

I also ask as we are converting one of the interventional suites to a restricted area until a hybrid OR is made so I am working on the guidelines and have done some teaching on attire, technique, traffic and the impact during non-stent/OR type cases for them is pretty big so I want to make sure I/we are doing it based on EBM and not just because the OR does.

Thank you so much in advance.



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I work in a teaching hospital with 3 IR suites and CT/US body rooms. At this time in the IR suites, which are only used for IR procedures, the techs set up the table and prep the patient just as the OR does, patients wearing hats and masks as well. In the CT/US rooms which when procedures are not being done also do diagnostic testing as well, the docs set up a sterile table and prep the patients. We all wear hats and masks, including the patients and the docs wear scrub gowns. I have worked in other Radiology departments (smaller) where the doctors only wore hats, masks and gloves for the procedures.

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Techs or RNs prep the pt in a holding room, then either one sets up the table.

Scrubs, shoe covers, hat (bonnet), gloves, mask for those setting up or working at the table.

Masks ALWAYS worn for device implants (PCIs -- stents -- included).

Bonnet and mask on pts for device implants only (pacers and ICDs).

Hats and shoe covers and scrubs or "bunny suits" for anyone entering the Lab (Cath Lab).