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Hospitals Training Surgical Technologists???

  1. 0 I am interested in how many hospitals are still doing "on the job training " for Surgical Technologists? Thought that this practice went away, but cannot find any objective information to support doing it, and conversely not allowing it. Is this still possible?
    Thanks in advance.
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    There are several teaching hospitals who have surgical tech programs in my area.
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    I was the last one at my hospital the did OTJ training with. I also had years of experience working on sterile processing. A lot of places now want to hire certified techs. It is A LOT of work having to teach someone sterile technique and what instruments are. Hospitals would rather hire someone who already knows the basics.
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    In my hospital, the techs have all been to school for surgical technology. They get on the job training but already come with the basics from school. Sometimes if you are in L&D as a new nurse they will train you to do csections.
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    The last remaining ST with on-the-job training at my facility started working with us in 1972. Every single other ST has been through a program of one type or another. They do receive a 12 week orientation, but are expected to know the basics.
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    Are there regulatory requirements against this practice of growing your own????
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    I don't know about regulatory requirements, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper to get someone who already knows sterile technique, instrument names, how to load a suture, etc. than it is to teach someone from the ground up. During orientation, two people are getting paid to do the job of one. Who do you think needs more training, and thus requires paying two people for one job for a longer period of time? OJT without the foundation already in place just isn't cost effective.
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    We still have some older grandfathered-in techs who where trained on the job but now we only hire certified techs with degrees. I haven't seen anything different in my area.
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    There is now legislation that was passed in New York State and I am sure others will follow that is doing away with OJT. Everyone now in NY has to be certified, there is a grandfathering period, but come the end of this year, no OJT's. Smartest thing NY state ever did.
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    At my hospital we don't do OJT in the OR but L&D does train their techs to scrub C/S. My director is trying to implement a program for all of the non-cert techs to take weekend classes so they can challenge the cert test.
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    I'm a Surgical Technologist in Texas and they passed a law allowing only certified techs to be hired. There are people who aren't certified that are grandfathered in but they are not allowed to be hired anywhere else unless they get their certification. So unless they have an accredited program they don't have on the job training anymore here.