Craziest Thing You Saw a Surgeon Do. - page 3

Or really anyone. So in clinicals during a robotic case the surgeon proceeded to staple the sterile drapes...TO THE PATIENT!! He said this way he can be sure the drapes don't move. The patient did not consent to this and when... Read More

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    The weirdest thing I saw a surgeon do was during a lap incisional hernia repair. He had trouble getting a large mesh down the port so he took the port out and shoved the mesh through the incision and used the lap graspers to pull it through. Not surprisingly, he ripped the mesh in pieces when it got stuck which cost thousands of dollars.

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    2) If you can dodge a mallet, you can dodge a ball.
    i think i just peed a little.
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    very common, happens all the time, and in actuality, the staples r so small, sometimes u cnt see the puncture marks.....

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