Allergic Reaction to Something in the OR - page 2

I have been circulating nurse for almost two years now and have been scrubing for the last 6 months. I recently developed contact dermatitis from something in the OR. The reaction is only on my hands... Read More

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    This is happening to me too! I think I'm developing an allergy on my hands and wrists to the blue contact gowns we use with isolation patients. At work it's fine because the Purell seems to soothe the itch, but at home that night and the next day it's pure torture! I actually thought it was ringworm at first (ew) but my dermatologist said it's probably contact dermatitis. Hydrocortisone doesn't even touch it, so I've been using fluocininide 0.05%, which takes a while to kick in but does the trick eventually.

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    is your OR using gowns made 'over there'?...we made the change to US made..., and dermatitis cleared up...

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