ADN in the OR?

  1. Hello All,

    I know this may sound like a silly question but I am curious whether or not there are any ADN nurses in the OR?

    If so, are you a new grad nurse, experienced? How did you land the position? Also, for BSN nurses, did you have your BSN completed before being offered a position or were you still enrolled in the program?

    My hospital offers tuition reimbursement for my BSN and I really have my heart set on OR nursing. If an ADN in the OR is a no go, where would be my next best bet? Thank you!
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  3. by   KyFNP13
    Associate degree nurse are employed in my OR. I currently work in the OR and most of the nurses are ADN trained. I went to the OR with ICU experience and an ADN. I went through a periop course through a local college, did clinicals for the class at my hospital then transferred from ICU to OR.

    I went on to get my BSN and MSN though l did work other positions, I work OR PRN. My OR wanted an experienced nurse and they preferred critical care but some nurses have had no other nursing experience.

    Have you shadowed an OR nurse since you have been out of school? I think while in nursing school anything new looks exciting but you may have different eyes now that you have graduated. Contact your nursing education department and they should be able to get you in contact with OR educator.
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  4. by   schnookimz
    I just got a job offer in the OR and I am ADN with a previous bachelors in something else. Almost done with my BSN. I had one year of experience.
  5. by   cdsga
    My hospital is not a Magnet facility and we do hire ADN's for the OR and other nursing positions. We even have LPN's in other areas of the hospital.
  6. by   csmith13
    I'm a new grad ( entry level masters) who was just hired in the OR. In my facility there are many ADN's even the nurse managers. Good luck!!
  7. by   scrubnurselife
    I have my ADN. I worked at a level 1 magnet facility that hired many ADN new grads into the OR. I've only been in the OR, but I was a scrub tech prior to getting my RN. Now I'm a travel OR nurse, fixing to start my first assignment. I fully plan to start the BSN-MSN program by next year, especially since I'm up for a nurse manager position local to my home. I really think the BSN requirement varies by region, so you may want to check locally to see the requirements where you are. You can do a lot with an ADN, but there seems to be a big push right now for BSNs. It would only benefit you to have it, and if the hospital will pay for it, then go for it!
  8. by   peabozzle
    I am an ADN nurse in the OR. I was hired as a new grad 10 years ago. I am currently the Team Leader for a very busy 8 OR hospital. I previously was the Peri-Operative Charge Nurse at a smaller facility. I decided very early on that I would become proficient not just in OR nursing (although that remains my first love) but also pre-op and post anesthesia care nursing. That has served me well. I have never felt pushed to get my BSN from a career standpoint. I have a sometimes unpopular opinion that a degree is what you make of it: I personally don't care what degree you have if your license is in good standing & you are a good nurse, I have as much respect for you as a nurse with a Masters. Or maybe more, if that Masters degree nurse is not a good team player. For me & the people I lead, it's about your attitude, your willingness to learn & work hard, and your reliability. Degrees are just paper....
  9. by   RobtheORNurse
    I had an ADN for 17 years of OR work. Only toward the end did I get my BSN. We were about 60% ADN 40% BSN
  10. by   Rntr
    Where in GA are you located... thanks
  11. by   sarahnicoleee13
    Loved reading everyone's responses! I'm pretty much in the same boat SweetSouthernLove! I graduated in December with my ADN and am interested in OR. I also plan to complete an RN to BSN program but wan to wait to see if where I get hired will help at all.