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  1. Thinking of being a circulator?...Think twice.

    @kiki617 As an OR nurse for 15 years, I agree with most of what you say. I work with amazing techs that know & understand things about cases that as an RN who only scrubs when needed can EVER understand. I really wish RN circulators were required...
  2. Thinking of being a circulator?...Think twice.

    I have been an OR nurse for 15 years....I was once a new grad in the OR. I am sorry you feel the way you do & have had the experience you have had. Perhaps I have been one of the lucky ones who worked with good teams & have experienced toxic ...
  3. not sure i'm a leader

    All of this is excellent advice. I truly believe that there are leaders that aren't management & management that aren't leaders. There is a difference.
  4. If you had a reset button, would you choose nursing again?

    depends on the day....I really do like my job & I am good at it. It provides me with financial stability & independence. I didn't become a nurse until my early 30's. I am 15 years in & am exhausted. Its physically, emotionally, & ment...
  5. Schedules: Help!!

    ugh, says the nurse that works 4 10-hour shifts, days, no weekends, minimal holidays & some call. This is so dependent on what works for each individual. There is no right (or wrong) answer. That being said, right now in my life I would pick cont...
  6. dealing with rude doctors?

    BTW, excellent response to this post. Geez. Your writing may not qualify you for a pulitzer, but it was succinct, to the point & seemed professional to me. You did a good job of letting this Sour Lemon not get to you...keep doing that with the ru...
  7. dealing with rude doctors?

    if the dr has a reputation for being a jerk, let it roll off your back. Your job is to advocate for your patients. If you had all the info you needed to make the call, were prepared & professional, their rude behavior is a reflection of THEM, not...
  8. Help! Please talk me out of quitting!

    I am an OR nurse. I supervise CST's in a 8 OR hospital setting. They are required to multitask. They are always at a small risk of sharps injury, although at my very busy facility we have very few of them. That is actually a to pass sharp...
  9. What would you say to a pre-nursing student?

    This is my advice for any student...nursing or otherwise. YOU are in charge of your education. You are the one that has control over the experience....make the most of it. When you get into a clinical environment, volunteer to do EVERYTHING. Don't si...
  10. Advice on laparscopic towers?

    I have been an OR nurse for 13+ years. I have used almost every laparoscopic system out there. I have my favorite :) This is what I know: 4K is basically worthless. Blind studies have shown the human eye cannot detect the difference between 3K & ...
  11. OR integration systems

    Do any of you currently have an "integrated OR"? Where your video equipment, lights, etc. are all controlled on one screen with the click of a button? The facility I work in had OR integration when it first opened 12 years ago. The system has since b...
  12. Initiating Intravenous Access

    After 13 years as a nurse, I still love that feeling. Especially on the patient that says "I have the worst veins ever, they roll, disappear, and blow really easy, usually anesthesia has to come do my IV, plus I am dehydrated so good luck" As I am l...
  13. Can "leaders" be happy NOT leading?

    I couldn't agree more! My current manager isn't much of a leader, frankly. Plus I really have no desire to "move up" in management.....that seems like more stress than I am interested in. Thanks for your input!
  14. Can "leaders" be happy NOT leading?

    I need to pick all the great minds on here. I am an OR nurse with 12 years experience. I started in a small but busy county hospital. I cross trained in pre op & PACU, & about 4 years in, took the charge nurse position. About 4 years ago, a ...
  15. How much betadine to prep with?

    I am also a messy prepper. I was taught "a messy prep is a good prep" ha ha! I have gotten a little better about not flinging Betadine all over, but I use a lot of it when I prep. I good prep is very important, more important than how "clean" I keep ...