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BEWARE of WALDEN UNIVERSITY! They call you constantly. You do everything they ask… then…BOOM! The infamous goal statement! Due to poor grades 20 years ago out of high school (a lot of us have been there) and an ADN, 2 bachelor... Read More

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    Lol elk. If the OP didn't want to explain it, she should have just withdrawn her application and moved on. It is completely reasonable for the schools to request such information. If you don't want to give it, don't. But don't give it and then complain about how intrusive it is. That's just lame. My rule of thumb has always been to attend the very best school you can get into, no matter what it takes. I sent one child to Swathmore and another to Yale, the next has his sights set on Harvard just to annoy the Yalie. They have had to jump through a lot of hoops beginning in about 7th grade. You get what you play and pay for, IMO.
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    Quote from elkpark
    I also went to a top-tier uni for my MSN, with a 4.0 in my BSN completion program, and was asked, face to face in my interview, to explain how (why) I failed a phys ed course in my first college experience 20 years earlier.

    Y'know, when all those adults told us, when we were in high school, that our grades were going to follow us for the rest of our lives, and we laughed at them -- turns out they knew what they were talking about ...
    You are not kidding. I tell my 12 year-old all the time that your GPA is perhaps more important than your credit score. It is much harder to fix too. It matters. You never know what is going to happen down the road.

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    Have you thought of American Sentinel University?

    It was discussed in a previous thread:

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    Quote from linearthinker
    You get what you play and pay for, IMO.
    How true!!!! And unfortunately I was determined to play in my younger years.... LOL I am working at correcting those sad, misguided adventures now. I just have to work a little harder.
    Your post also reminded me of my mother's saying, "hard heads make for soft behinds (lol or other descriptive words for the buttocks)..

    Lord knows she and everyone else who knows me is aware of how hardheaded I can be
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    Interesting that folks should still be focused on GPAs given the research findings. Here's a quote from one study:
    The present study used meta-analytic methodology to synthesize research on the relationship between college grades and adult achievement. The data for the meta-analysis came from 108 studies correlating grade average in college to various criteria of adult achievement or success. The average correlation between grade average and a composite success criterion was .18, a small effect. Correlations between grade average and eight other criteria of adult achievement were also small, ranging from .09 to .20. Correlational effects were larger in military settings and for studies conducted prior to 1950. The results of this meta-analysis may be somewhat discouraging to those who place a great deal of importance on the predictive value of grades.
    Taken from "College grades and adult achievement: A research synthesis" by Peter Cohen but there are many other similar studies.
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    Ya, I was NOT impressed with Walden. Calling everyday, sometimes twice. Couldn't get a straight answer to some questions that I had regarding the program. When I decided to withdraw my application, the recruiter was rude, nasty, and condescending. WoW how things change when they find out they aren't going to get your money!!!
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    I hope everyone that had a negative experience with Walden got everything straightened out. I went to Walden and graduated in Feb 2011 with my MSN in nursing ed. I absolutely enjoyed my experience and had no of the problems discussed here. Maybe it has been straightened out. All I know is that I highly recommend Walden!
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    ive had a okay experience thus far with them. they have not called and called and called me
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    Quote from BrookeeLou_RN
    About WGU's BSN proram..I just had a friend call the NP school she was going to apply too and they said they would not accept WGU's. Yes they are accredited but their being competancy based is just too new a concept for the rest of the colleges. Now I think they are going in the right direction with their concept but one should check with the next institution if they think there is any chance they might want to go on..Just make sure, that's all. Would hate to waste time and money and not get the correct end result.
    FWIW I personaly know 3 or 4 RNs who were accepted to CRNA school with BSNs from WGU.
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    I am a BSN graduate from WGU and have had NO issues being accepted into other schools. Starting with Walden for the AGNP program in December. They have been great to work with, are accredited and accepted by the state of Kansas Board of Nursing. All in all a good experience.

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