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BEWARE of WALDEN UNIVERSITY! They call you constantly. You do everything they ask... then...BOOM! The infamous goal statement! Due to poor grades 20 years ago out of high school (a lot of us have... Read More

  1. by   lepew
    I hope everyone that had a negative experience with Walden got everything straightened out. I went to Walden and graduated in Feb 2011 with my MSN in nursing ed. I absolutely enjoyed my experience and had no of the problems discussed here. Maybe it has been straightened out. All I know is that I highly recommend Walden!
  2. by   REDvelvetRN
    ive had a okay experience thus far with them. they have not called and called and called me
  3. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from BrookeeLou_RN
    About WGU's BSN proram..I just had a friend call the NP school she was going to apply too and they said they would not accept WGU's. Yes they are accredited but their being competancy based is just too new a concept for the rest of the colleges. Now I think they are going in the right direction with their concept but one should check with the next institution if they think there is any chance they might want to go on..Just make sure, that's all. Would hate to waste time and money and not get the correct end result.
    FWIW I personaly know 3 or 4 RNs who were accepted to CRNA school with BSNs from WGU.
  4. by   KansasFNP
    I am a BSN graduate from WGU and have had NO issues being accepted into other schools. Starting with Walden for the AGNP program in December. They have been great to work with, are accredited and accepted by the state of Kansas Board of Nursing. All in all a good experience.
  5. by   mrvlegov
    Walden just started an FNP program. I am currently in an FNP program at a different school and it is a new online program and the teachers are very indifferent and difficult to communicate with. I am worried that its because its a new online program. Even though Walden's FNP program is new, they have been doing online education for years and I wonder if they might have it together a little more? I'm wondering from those who have attended Walden, how the teachers and classes were and if they seemed to have a pretty good handle on teaching via distance learning.
    Thank you!
  6. by   Mommy2be
    I didn't read all the posts, just want to throw my 2 cents in. ALL SCHOOLS ANNOY THE HELL OUTTA YOU. I have had so many grad schools call me continuously. Walden actually was one that stopped after I said I wasn't ready until so and so date. Then they waited and called me again after a few months.

    I got my BSN from WGU. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that school. Great people, great mentors, very organized and cheap. I am also going to Walden right now and start the FNP program Dec 3rd. Process was smooth, they reviewed my transcripts within a week, and I have not had any problems.

    WGU is accepted anywhere, as long as they don't require more than a 3.0 average, since WGU is pass/fail, the most you can acheive is 3.0.

    Everyone will have good/bad experiences on the same school.
  7. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from Mommy2be
    WGU is accepted anywhere, as long as they don't require more than a 3.0 average, since WGU is pass/fail, the most you can acheive is 3.0.

    Everyone will have good/bad experiences on the same school.
    *** Wanted to share this. A friend on mine got his BSN from WGU so that he could apply to CRNA school. The CRNA school requires at least a 3.0 ON A 4.0 SCALE. However usually a 3.0 isn't competitive but the school took the view that since WGU isn't on a 4.0 scale his 3.0 would be viewed the same as a 4.0 from a school that does use the 4.0 scale. He got in to two of the three schools he applied to.
  8. by   shunthor
    Just wanted to share my experience r/t to Walden. I filled out the "I am interested" info questionnaire on their website for the FNP program. They sent out a generic response to let me know who my admissions counselor would be. So I emailed the admissions counselor with a list of questions (i.e. clinicals, sample schedule, etc.) I never heard back from them. I feel that if they are not interested in answering basic questions, then its not the place for me.
  9. by   nightnurse901
    Wow, sorry that happened to you. I had just the opposite happen to me, terrible grades over 25 years ago, and they were only interested in my overall GPA and my cumulative average in my nursing classes. Started December 3rd and its going well cant say anything bad at this point. Sorry again, hope things are going well.
  10. by   nightnurse901
    I am attending Walden too, started Dec 3rd. Finishing 6001 now. May I'll see you in one of my classes. Good Luck.
  11. by   echocat
    Walden just accepted me into their program and I have not had anything but positive experiences with them. Of course, this is just the beginning; who knows what my experience will be a month from now? I had a very bad experience at another university and was looking for something non-religious based and easy to work with. Walden accepted all of my ADN credits (including my informatics class). They accepted my Statistics class and a another upper-level class as well from my previous university. All of my electives and gen-ed courses were accepted as well. No one hounded me with phone calls; just enough to keep me on track and get my transcripts sent over in record time. All in all, off to a great start.
  12. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    I'm at Walden University enrolled in the MSN-Nursing Informatics program. Will graduate spring 2014. I haven't had the issues that I have been reading here. I'm sure a lot has changed since many of the posting here. The cost of education across the board is rising....When I first thought about returning to school I was looking at traditional programs, but after reading the details and fine print there cost continue to go up as I toured campus and so on( many of the traditional universities cost just as much as online experience by the time you factor in the gas to get you too the campus and other fees as you progress within your program). So I wish everyone well on whatever school they pick. I don't know anyone that went to a perfect college or university. So do your research and find what university is the best fit for you. Walden University is opening doors for me.
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  13. by   mrvlegov
    I switched to Walden and absolutely LOVE it. The education has been wonderful, teachers are awesome, advisors are awesome and the work is adequate but not overwhelming. The price is right too. I can't say enough good things. I have completed two classes towards the FNP program and am working on my second quarter.