USF MSN-CNL non-nurse summer 2017 - page 48

Hello everyone! I am currently waitlisted in the spring 2017 cohort starting in Jan for the USF MSN-CNL non-nurse cohort 23, but I wanted to start a thread for those of you applying to the summer... Read More

  1. by   ckleo
    @abcd92 HMM I think the Intent to Enroll form and the deposit form were both in the Student Self-Service. Call the office anyway to verify!
  2. by   JCali23
    Hey everyone, So I just received notice that I got accepted, however, its now really short notice and I have two little ones who I would need to find childcare and a place to live. I know on both the website and letter it says you can't defer but has anyone heard of any exceptions? There is so much to complete and in so little time. Thanks and congratulations to everyone
  3. by   aposseadesse
    Morning! Have any waitlisters heard anything from USF yet this week? I know that last email said by the end of this week but I thought I'd double check. Thanks!
  4. by   glash
    Has anyone received any financial aid notices yet? I submitted my fafsa a while back but there's still nothing online.
  5. by   gabrielcphillips
    i have been awarded for both 2016-17 and 2017-18, but my case may be unique, there was an issue with me having been admitted to USF law school in 2013. for whatever reason they had me listed as a current student. i was also able to register for classes long before they indicated registration would be available. i'm guessing i'm a glitch in the system.

    awarded federal loans - unsubsidized direct and grad plus for 2016-17; only unsubsidized for 2017-18 so far
  6. by   glash
    So weird. I hope I get it in time :P
    I was also able to register before the date they gave us though!
  7. by   Kdtish
    @aposseadesse I'm in the same boat, still haven't heard anything!
  8. by   gabrielcphillips
    i've received documents through indicating funds to be released to USF on 15 May for the summer term. i just received an email yesterday from USF financial aid office indicating my summer aid offer was now available for review. maybe they are processing right now.
  9. by   JMariz
    Hello, I have also been awarded for the 2016-2017 summer term. You were required to turn in your documents needed to USF for them to finish processing. I contacted USF about receiving the loans on time for payment for the summer term last week and was notified that as long as they received your Master Promisary that you should receive aid in time to pay for summer term. I would contact One Stop to make sure you will get your aid in on time as they will know if you need any other documents to be completed.
  10. by   ckleo
    I was going to say the same thing as @JMariz. I had to contact OneStop about my financial aid awards, but everything has been squared away.

    Have you guys been able to access the "Think About It" course? It says to log on using your USFCA email but it said they couldn't recognize my email address.
  11. by   Kdtish
    Hi everyone -

    I received a call from Erin this afternoon who told me I was officially accepted. I nearly passed out I couldn't believe it. SO incredibly excited to meet you all!
  12. by   mgt510
    Congrats!!! I got call too! I'm still in shock! a lot to process in one day! any tips on finding student housing? Also, orientation is May 16, correct? >.<
  13. by   aposseadesse
    I also received a call and have been accepted. My heart kind of dropped a bit. I have some big decisions to make very quickly.

    Congrats to all that have been accepted!