Hi . University of Phoenix anyone?

  1. Im back in school. Just started yesterday and not real sure im liking it, at all. Ive never done online. Has anyone else ever attended UOP for their BSN or MSN? Positive, negatives of it? Im thinking of switching ...not sure what to do but the classes they require and the way this teacher teaches is definatley not convenient to my work schedule as they said it would be. Last thing i want to do after working 12 hours and driving an hour home is logging on to post how wonderful it is to be a team player online...teach me what I need to know...
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  3. by   klone
    My husband looked into it for his RN-BSN. It's HELLA expensive. After doing a lot of research, he went with Ft. Hays University. They have a 100% online RN-BSN program, and he really likes it. He'll be done next fall. Their tuition prices are quite inexpensive.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    i did my BSN completion and MSN via UofP. Yes, very expensive but for me, it was quick (18 months for the BSN and 12 months for the MSN) and that meant a lot to me.

    I did double some classes in the BSN and ALL classes for the MSN.

    Yep, I hated the group projects - I still gag when I think about them and I finished my MSN in 2005 - lol. However, it helped me to accomplish my goal so in the end it was worth it.
  5. by   orthonurse55
    Hello! Congratulations on taking this huge step! I am a UOP online grad. I think it took me about 2 years. It was hard to keep up while working but I forced myself because I wanted it so badly! I absolutely HATED the team projects and there were some times when I was so tired I lost points because I didn't log in in the evening. (A lot going on in the home at that time too!) But I did it and am glad I did. However, it is definitely one of the pricier ways to go! I should have shopped around. Good luck!
  6. by   eliselu2
    I did UOP but it was all classroom for 26 months. Team projects are just the way it is and each class had participation points that could make/break your grade. I've also done online classes for my prereqs and found the required postings a struggle at times. While the team projects make you crazy, there are valuable lessons learned from doing them - teamwork, flexibility, communication, active listening, and always have a back-up plan. I can honestly say that I did not adore everyone on every team that I was part of and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. We did, however, learn to get the job done even when our schedules totally conflicted. There were times when classroom participation was a struggle, especially when I was exhausted or couldn't think of anything to say or ask. When I did online classes, it was the same - what do you say when you really don't care or get what the posting is supposed to be about, or it's late and you just want to go to bed.
    There's only so much interaction you can expect from online classes and self-discipline and self-teaching is key. Perhaps you would do better in a classroom setting.
  7. by   nursynurseRN
    I am currently doing UOP online! I love it and I work fulltime. Sometimes you get BAD classmates or bad teachers seems like that ALL throught out school. I don't mind it at all. Group projects suck if the people dont participate well. I love online casue it is convienent for me but then againI am more of a ONLINE type person..... you do have to log on at least 4 times a wekks and post but it doesnt feel so bad especially when it is a good topic.
  8. by   rntim49
    Quote from SamiRN
    Last thing i want to do after working 12 hours and driving an hour home is logging on to post how wonderful it is to be a team player online...teach me what I need to know...
    what did you expect? Online education is not for everyone,as you have to be very motivated to work and advance your education while working. ie: there is no easy way to get ahead. Best advice I can also give you is check into employee tuition reimbursement as the cost can add up rapidly.