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  1. Many years ago we had a black female patient in our small mid-western hospital and she demanded that only black caregivers come I to her room. Unfortunately for her, at that time, our area was not very diversified. She had to deal with the rest of u...
  2. Nursing: Then and Now

    I graduated in 1973 and miss wearing my cap. I still prefer wearing white and loved uniforms over scrubs. They look much more professional. I recently retired and was teaching CNA's- we teach them to refer to every patient as Mr. or Mrs. unless the p...
  3. No Silly Questions?

    Oh, I teach a CNA class for teenagers! I have heard some very stupid questions - not this one yet though!
  4. Online BSN - Is it taken seriously?

    I earned my BSN from the University of Phoenix online. No one has ever even asked where it came from and my current boss was very supportive when I was taking classes and graduated. The classes are for real and so is the degree! However, I have since...
  5. How much personal info do you share with pts?

    I tell my patients I'm in the witness protection program! It makes them laugh and usually puts an end to their questioning.
  6. Clinical Failure

    Wow. As an instructor, you would already be out of my class. Our students are not even allowed in clinical without having a TB test done. And it is THEIR responsibility to get it and since they know it, they have no reason not to get it. I think it's...
  7. I feel like everybody hates being a nurse!!!

    I have loved being a nurse for almost 40 years now. Seriously. I can remember one horrible day in the OR where I was ready to give up, but felt better the next day.
  8. A no good, very bad day: a vent, a rant, a plea for laughter.

    Prayers and hugs to you. What a horrible day you have had to endure! We sure picked an interesting profession, didn't we? Just know that you and the teams you were working with did the best work possible. Get some rest (and maybe some wine) and hopef...
  9. Disgusted - wipes for bathing

    I teach CNA classes. I was told by our Infection Control nurse that my students are not to give basin baths because of the infection risk. She even followed up with written documentation. I am an older nurse and a firm believer in basin baths and how...
  10. When you were a new RN...

    Yes, and I still do it sometimes after 39 years! There is always something new to learn and a good nurse will always seek new knowledge. Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing!
  11. Broken spirit....

    Oh my gosh! You sound just like me 30+ years ago! My house sup made me call a doc for a SHOWER order at 3am because a patient was threatening to leave AMA if he didn't get a shower. Of course the doc was rude to me and then he showed up in the morni...
  12. Nurse might not report incident

    I think you could get written up, but not for failing to write an incident report. When a resident/patient falls. it is up to the CNA to call the nurse BEFORE you help the resident up. The nurse is the one who should determine whether or not the pati...
  13. Certified Nursing Assistants - The Nurses think we have it so easy.

    I totally agree with what you are saying, and I am also that type of nurse. I am sure there are a lot of us out there, but there are also a lot that would call a CNA to clean that messy bed, toilet a resident, get a glass of water for someone. Seriou...
  14. Funny things patients say !

    I was in the dining room at our LTCF and all of a sudden heard an elderly woman yelling. I turned and looked and she was waving her menu in the air screaming " Son of a *****, is that all I get paid for all the work I did?" I almost died laughing. T...
  15. Oh brother! You did the absolute completely correct thing! Home Health is a completely different entitiy than working in facitlity and the staff has to be trustworthy. I wondered as I read this if she would have been talking to her other patients abo...