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rntim49 has 3 years experience and specializes in ER/ float.

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  1. wrong!! I am someone that has had this disorder for years, end of story. try adding something positive to this thread.
  2. And physicians can prescribe ssri's that do nothing to help anxiety however claim they will, your being led on by med reps. oh I forgot cognitive therapy, ya that will help during a tachy episode of your heart rate beating 160bpm, numbness and your legs going out from under you, Ha,ha, Or better yet maybe exercise to curb that flight or fight reaction, the OP can make their own decision, and after doing research will learn real quick what works for them. nursing 101 = LBP = no hypertensive meds, that is common sense, You remind me of a text book nursing instructor.
  3. Not one of these nurses gave advise to actually helps your problem, here is the answer you are looking for. Stop the benzo's at once, Do research beta blockers for anxiety disorder, you have no idea how many nurses and physicians are using them. No mental impairment. good luck to you.
  4. wow, your friend was that great to be in such demand,(lol) I was offered 12 jobs all at once when I graduated years ago. This forum is getting harder to read by the minute.
  5. So exactly how did a new grad end up with two job offers? what area are you in? Just asking and I am sure many others would like to know as well.
  6. Maybe if you had bothered to read the post you responded to you may have realized that person was talking about their RN to BSN online program. You have a severe attitude problem.
  7. I really hope you people are kidding about breaking the law.Copying anyones degree is the lowest form of stealing I can think of.
  8. rntim49

    How to NOT interview for your RN/LPN job!

    Wow, get over yourself!! what is it like on the top looking down on everyone else. If you think you are lowering yourself doing interviews you should have stayed an LPN. Here is some advise for you. Look for a new profession!!!! you lack empathy and understanding. I am not impressed at all.
  9. rntim49

    Bad preceptorship assignment

    Entitlement would be a better description. get over it, life is full of let downs and stop blaming everyone else. Drama seems to go hand in hand when students enter the real world.
  10. rntim49

    Does rtpa cause hypertension?

    Does anyone do their own homework at all anymore or simply ask nurses online for the answer?Why not just ask a reader to find the answer for you? Lately I have seen some of the most entry level questions and posts on this site from real nurses. I am beginning to wonder how some made it through school at all. Its called patho, learn it and understand how meds work on the system and sooner or later that light bulb will go on.
  11. rntim49

    Failed NCLEX 5 Times! Am I The Only One Who . . .

    all these bleeding hearts on this site claiming failing the nclex multible times has nothing to do with being a good nurse should wake up. I sure as heck do not want that person caring for myself or a family member of mine trying to remember a drip rate or cracking under pressure bursing into tears because the stress is just too much. I will come out and say it. If you need more than twice to pass nclex, go back to doing what you did before nursing before you hurt someone.Nclex is critical thinking skills, choosing the best answer for the best outcome. Please don't play that test anxiety card either. That is just another excuse.
  12. rntim49

    1st Job

    At the risk of being censored or slammed I must state these stories are exciting to read for many entering the work force however are not the norm. Most new grads and experienced nurses pound the pavement for many months w/o success. the key in this story is (who you know) aka networking. After excepting a position 2000 miles away just to get back to work I always felt a BSN and critical care experience would be enough to get interviews and offers. I was dead wrong as the above poster proves. You just need to know people.
  13. rntim49

    Am i fully to blame for this or did my mentor act complacement.

    Tinkerbell is obviously a troll, (dahhh I think the color was yellow dahhh) No-one is this ignorant pertaining to patient safety. It scares the stool out of me to think this may be legit. scream!!!!!
  14. rntim49

    vent about other nurses attitudes

    funny, I was just going to reply to that post. what is it like on the top of your game instructing new RN'S and preceptoring others with your vast level of knowledge? Insulting was an understatement. And for the record I attended brick and mortar colleges.
  15. rntim49

    How do you possibly study with YOUNG kids???

    I will tell you what our instructors told us when we started nursing school,. ( those of you with families and children likely wont make it through school due to the hours of study involved.plain and simple) we had a very high percentage to meet in order to pass. I will also say that many of my classmates did make it through even with kids and husbands at home.They were motivated. Out of 110 of us 40 graduated.
  16. rntim49

    Useless degree! At what point do you quit trying?

    Don't waste another dime on more education what ever you do.. Try LTC facilities to get that experience you need. I am having to relocate 1700 miles to continue my carrer as an ED nurse with 3yrs experience. $37,000 in debt getting a BSN is more depressing than I can state. I will also remind you how you made it through nursing school and that is more than a few can say,so you have the drive to succeed and that is good.Don't give up quite yet.

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