Where and how do you get your CNA?

  1. What schools offer classes for the CNA? How long do they take? I want to be a CNA while I'm working on my nursing classes to get experience. Francis Tuttle supposedly takes 5 months.. anything that takes less than that?

    Also, how much is the starting pay for a CNA?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Check out link to your states regulations here: Complete List Of CNA Registries
  4. by   mistiffy
    I got my CNA this past December through Interim Health Care in Tulsa. I LOVED it! I went in the evening and the instructor was absolutely amazing! I passed all my tests and skills with NO problem. I would highly reccomend Interim. Their class is only 4 weeks long. In the evening class you would go to class Mon-Thur for 3 weeks 6pm-10pm and on the fourth week mon and tues you go to the nursing home for clinicals and wed and thur you go to the hospital. Then either fri or sat you take Interim's test and skills. They have a daytime class too, but Im unsure of the hours and I have heard the daytime instructor is good as well. I believe the total cost was $560...and well worth it! I hope this helps some!
  5. by   dottimur
    I got my CNA from Tulsa Tech. I did it on Saturdays. I had wonderful instructors in the CNA class.
  6. by   BabyRN2Be
    I got my CNA from Dream Maker's School for Health Care Aides. I really liked it, it cost about $500 in August 05, and it took about 2 weeks going 8 hours during the day.
  7. by   Jenners
    I should've asked about OKC! Thats where I live.
    I'm thinking either Metro Tech or OSU OKC. OSU OKC is about a month long and about $400.
    anyone gone to either of these ? Is it really easy to get a job as a CNA when you're done?
  8. by   QALPN2007
    The fastest and cheapest (free) way to get your CNA is to apply for a job at a local nursing home. They will train you, certify you and pay you to get your CNA. I used to teach that class in Tulsa but now I live in OKC, I know Lackey Manor (Baptist Village Council and NW Expressway area) is a nice place to work or it was when I was there 6 years ago. I also know you can get your CNA at Canadian Valley Vo-Tech in El Reno. Good luck.
  9. by   Miss Traci
    You live in OKC? Did you try Moore Norman technology center? they have a long term care/ home health combo. Im not sure of the cost. I did a month long program in Wayne at the Mid America Tech Center for my CNA. I think I paid 130.00, but it's usally twice as much at Moore/Norman.
  10. by   marilynmom
    I just wanted to mention as well that after your first semester of nursing school you can work as a CNA/nurse tech. I never went to CNA school, but started working in the hospital right after my first semester.

    My sister in law went to OSU-OKC CNA school and she really liked it.
  11. by   OKMom
    Hi, did you end up taking your CNA course at OSU OKC? I am thinking of doing the same, to get some experience while going through nursing school. How did it go for you?
  12. by   deej1
    If you live in OKC on the south side then I would go to Moore/Norman Tech. There are 2 ways to get the CNA from their. The first way is an attended class, the other is self paced and must be completed in 16 weeks. Cost is approximately $165 which includes all class materials, a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff. Most of the lessons are really common sense and with study time on the self paced course it makes it extremely flexable. Good luck.

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