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  1. 0 Does anyone know about platt college. Does this school get you a chance to have a better career and better salary? Because my friend told me she went there and graduated from medical assistant paying $8 dollars an hourly pay. She said she was rip off. But she told me about another school OSU-OKC (Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City) that has free tutors, hands-on job, & better opportunities. She told me osu-okc was the best school in oklahoma that has certificate, associates, & bachelors programs that will give college credit to transfer to any school. However Platt College does not offer those except certificates programs and it does not get you college credit. I need you guys to give me advice about the 2 schools that i need to go because my parents told me you should go to Platt College because I'm 1 mile away from home and OSU is 18 miles away. Please if someone knows about this schools. Pleassse let me know.
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    Since Platt is not regionally accredited, you will have issues with transferability of any credits earned while attending that school. I personally would attempt to get admitted into one of OSU's programs.
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    I go to Platt in Tulsa I am in the LPN program and I love it. It is a very respected program everyone that I know has very well paying jobs after graduation. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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    I am currently in the Platt LPN program at the Tulsa Campus. I absolutly love the program. The instructors are knowledgeable. They care about what kind of nurse that they "put out" into the field of nursing. About the only downside that I can think of is the price. It cost $27,500 for the LPN courses and that includes everything except pens, pencils and paper. To me it was worth it. There was no waiting list to get in, no pre-requisites, (only a simple math test) and it's about a 13 month program. Now I'll try to answer some of your other questions. Yes they will train you for a career that will allow you make a better living for yourself. Employees at the clinical sites that I have been to reported that the average starting salary is around $18.00 per hour for the graduate LPN, and the nurse that told me that was a Platt LPN graduate. I don't know anything about the OSU-OKC program, but I know that the instructors at Platt will help tutor you (they are busy and you have to kind of be flexible but they will help you), and it is definitely a hands on school. The degree you get at Platt Tulsa is a A.O.S (Associate of Occupational Science) which I think is just a fancy word for a certificate. Platt is for the adult who wants to get into to school, get out of school and get to work in the fastest amount of time. The curriculum is not easy and will take lots of dedication, studying and hard work. My class started with 44 or 45 people, in May 2010, and we are already down to 14 original class members. That sounds bad, but probably 98% of the people failed out because of their attendance. If you don't show up you will not pass! Plain and simple. The program weeds out the people who aren't serious. Those that are serious, are willing to come to class every day, and do the required work will have no problems. The NCLEX-PN pass rate for Platt in 2007 was 93% 2008 was 98% and 2009 was 95% with 67 candidates sitting for the test in 2009. You can compare the pass rate to other schools at the Oklahoma Board of Nursing website I hope I this post has helped. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
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    LPNs start off at $18.00 an hour? In OKLAHOMA? Well, why the heck am I in an RN program thats twice as long and twice as grueling to start out at the SAME base pay? Somethings not right about that information.

    For OP, I would check out the local CCs before going to platt due to the fact that you cannot transfer your credits, if you ever want to go on in school because of the accredidations that Platt lacks you may run into a serious problem with that. Not to mention its about 1/10th the cost to go somewhere else.
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    I cannot imagine any justification for attending (or offering) an LPN program that costs >$27K. Holy moley!!! (Esp. a program that is not NLNAC or regionally accredited ...)

    You would be much better off at a state uni or CC.
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    I have a vo-tech not far from me that has LPN and its only $5,500 or a little more and thats it so that is rediculous to pay $27k
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    I have a vo-tech close to me as well that offers the LPN program for about $6000, and it gives college credits as well towards osu & ou. I have heard that there are several hospitals in the area that will not hire anyone that graduates from Platt because of the poor training. That is just hearsay, but something to consider.
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    Platt's NCLEX pass rates are ABYSMAL. The upper-tier area schools are in the mid- to high-90s, and Platt's at about 60%. Check the OK Board of Nursing site, because NCLEX pass rates are a pretty good indication of the quality of the education. It varies widely, and should definitely be taken into account.
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    I went to Platt College for my LPN. I am meeting with admissions this week to enroll in the RN program that starts at the end of September. I had no complaints of the LPN program. I have friends who have done the RN program and loved it. There are 2 reasons I chose Platt. No previous college required and the programs are not that long. Which ever you choose, good luck!

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