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  1. Mommaof3

    students please tell me what would you do???

    If I were you I would hire a tutor for a couple of hours and then retake your math test...and take A&P in Spring of 2011. No reason to waste an entire semester when you could skip the math with a little refresher course. JMO
  2. Mommaof3

    How can an instructor improve your education?

    1st--4 hours of lecture is like an eternity to people like me...I am a self diagnosed ADHD type person. So keeping that in mind---I pick and choose which lectures to attend based on who is doing the lecture. I canNOT stand the professors who stand up and read verbatim off their powerpoint for hours on end. (Because please believe I can read their powerpoint in way less than the 3 hours they spend in class doing it). Please..break it up. Tell interesting stories, even if their not your own. Use humor instead of boring people to tears-my favorite professor is one who can find a way to make her point while getting a chuckle from us, and she's really good at it. If your institution has interactive equipment-utilize it. Don't use the same old same old "case studies", please, come up with something else. Research your info, find mneumonics, stories, poems and whatever else might be considered interesting to convey your point. Above all else, please, please, please and PLEASE read the info your students are supposed to read. As silly as it sounds, we actually have some professors who dont. As you can imagine this causes mass confusion when we are studying for tests and comparing power points, textbooks, and lecture notes when the info doesn't match. HTH.
  3. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    Just a heads up...I got some info today from my faculty that will apply to you all next semester. Your book lists will remain the same as ours was...someone asked that earlier. You will only have 4 careplans to do for the entire semester (as opposed to the 6 we had this semester), you will also have no quizzes in theory (we had 8 worth 5 points each!!). So thats the good news, and I'm jealous. Now...for those of you that read this before Thursday. I'm going to let you in on a little secret....at our orientation there were literally 5 people crying in the hallways afterwards. It happens. It will be the single most overwhelming day you will ever experience. People will talk about how they forgot to feed their kids, they never saw their husbands, they missed their grandma's funeral...etc etc etc Take what they say with a grain of salt, they give you entirely tooooooo much info during orientation and in all reality you only need the basics (and I swear, I fed my kids, continued my personal relationships, and made it to my grandmas funeral). Pay attention to the "to do" list they give you to complete prior to start of the semester. Do NOT freak out about the NESA stuff. Its a piece of cake. Do not let orientation stress you out. I know right now you're on top of the world and nothing can bring you down as you embark on this new journey...but they do their best at orientation!! Don't be scared or intimidated, just suck it up and sit through it and know that we ALL felt the same way you will on Thursday! Best of luck & let me know if you need any help.
  4. Mommaof3

    New Pre-Nursing Student Here.....

    Weird...you would think that would be up to the BON not individual schools.
  5. Mommaof3

    Know about Platt College in Oklahoma

    LPNs start off at $18.00 an hour? In OKLAHOMA? Well, why the heck am I in an RN program thats twice as long and twice as grueling to start out at the SAME base pay? Somethings not right about that information. For OP, I would check out the local CCs before going to platt due to the fact that you cannot transfer your credits, if you ever want to go on in school because of the accredidations that Platt lacks you may run into a serious problem with that. Not to mention its about 1/10th the cost to go somewhere else.
  6. Mommaof3

    New Pre-Nursing Student Here.....

    Is it a 4 semester program? I go to OCCC and was told you can't challenge until after 3rd semester...which I thought was...odd, but thats what they said.
  7. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    LOL I remember that feeling! Now I'm just excited to get DONE!!! :)
  8. Mommaof3

    New Pre-Nursing Student Here.....

    In reply to posts a while back....about RN school and sitting for LPN boards...you must complete your first 3 semesters of RN school before challening the LPN exam. HTH.
  9. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    Brooke--as of right now, yes you are correct you have one lab day (like 4-5 hours) and one clinical (8 hours) BUT, you also have to keep in mind you do have Pre-clinicals, its always on the day before your clinical and varies significantly depending on who your clinical faculty is and whether they have meetings, so, basically your pre-clinicals time can change if you are assigned to a full time faculty who have many meetings to attend. I had mine on Tuesdays and it could be 1pm or 430 pm, depending on my faculty's meetings. I don't recommend working, if you have ANY way to avoid it, I would. There is one girl in my clinical group who is working full time as a tech, and she is mentally, emotionally, and completely physically drained at all times! Shes a sweetheart of a woman but she is stressed to the max. Like I said, if you can avoid it then do it but if you can't suck it up and get ready to stretch yourself very thin. Nursing school requires alot of time OUTSIDE the classroom/lab/clinicals. So just be prepared. I hope you don't think I'm being negative, its just the reality of the situation. Heres some hope: Now I do not work but I am a single mother of 3 so I do have alot of obligation outside of school. I have an 11 year old who has sports, scool stuff, etc, a 3 year old and a 1 year old (they are ALOT of work lol). So I don't have nearly as much time to invest in school as some others that I know, however; I have maintained a very high grade in the course, VERY HIGH. So, its all in your perspective. Nursing school is not so much the "content" that you know but understanding the questions they're asking i.e. if they are asking you for an "intervention" don't give them an answer that starts with "assess", know the nursing process and follow it. Knowing little tips like that and the ABC's and Maslow's hierarchy of needs will seriously help you out tremendously in this first semester!! That will go a LONG ways towards a good grade no matter what else you have on your plate in your personal life. HTH some of you get mentally prepared! :)
  10. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    You will get your book list at orientation. Be prepared...its the biggest, longest, scariest list I had ever seen! Just remember after first semester there's only like one or two books to buy for NPII, III, & IV. Clinical sites the 1st semester are kinda chaotic! Your first clinical is a school screening (you go to an elementary school and do vision, hearing, BP, height & weight checks) Then you go to an LTC for the next 4 weeks, and then a hospital rotation for the last 6 weeks. They had SW Medical Center, Baptist, Mercy, Chickasha (Grady Memorial), and OU this semester for hospitals. LTC was too long ago for me to remember!! I was at a Grace Living Center. Just take a deep breath and realize that no matter how much you study or how much time you spend in lab, EVERYONE feels lost the first few times, don't be afraid to get in there and ask your nurse "What can I do?!" because they will LOVE you for that. Just an FYI because a few people in my class were unaware....as a nursing student, you DO indeed change adult diapers, change linens, give bed baths and all of the other things some in my class thought they (as nursing students) should delegate to techs/cnas etc! LOL. Silly people.
  11. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    BDOT-I have the Classic II SE...I LOVE it, if that helps at all. I also ordered mine from medisave for the free engraving and their price was the lowest I could find...it's amazing where you accidentally leave that thing!!
  12. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    I never opened my bloodborne pathogens book, wongs pediatric book (although it did have some assigned reading, it was a reiteration of what we read in Wilkinson Fundamentals), or my Kee pharmacology book (again everything was in Wilkinson Fundamentals), the only time I used Lewis Med Surg book was for my knowledge base for my careplans but truth be told it could be done without it and it will be necessary for NPII as that's the Med Surg rotation. I do, however; STRONGLY recommend the Fundamentals Success book that is on the optional list, I used that for my study guide before the tests and it WORKS but buy it on Amazon for half the cost of the book store (I got mine for like $20 online vs the $45 the bookstore wanted). If you can afford it the Test Taking Success book was also useful but not the life saver the other one was....if you can't afford it I highly recommend doing the mandatory CAM several times over again once the semester starts (you'll do it in the nursing computer lab). Other things that cost $$ is all the required blood work, I got all of mine done at Integris SW for $156. O and although it says flu shots are optional you have to get one unless you want to wear a mask throughout every clinical shift. I can't think of anything else right now....HTH
  13. Mommaof3

    OCCC Spring 2011 hopefulls!!!!!

    NPI student here (started in August) uniforms are anything in the Cherokee Authentic Workwear line...Navy blue ONLY, no pin striping no accent colors...NAVY BLUE. Pants cannot touch the floor. Lab coat MUST have a collar, shoes must be white (can have light colored accents so long as they are silver, tan, but no pink, blue etc), socks all white. Patches go on Left arms of all scrub tops & lab coat. I have to wear my scrubs 3 days a week so I suggest getting multiple sets. I purchased 3 sets of scrubs and my lab coat at Hard Edge in Norman off of 77 for about $75. They have to order them but if you tell them they are for school you get them tax free. I bought a pair of all white Pumas from shoe carnival about $50. Comfy & cute! HTH..get ready & enjoy the ride because its intense!
  14. Mommaof3

    Occc fall 2010 hopefulls.....let the waiting begin!!!

    They send it to the school. You can call ***** in the health professions office to verify that she got it.
  15. Mommaof3

    "Did you just take a picture of me?"

    Like a previous poster said, every Blackberry that I've owned (a few now, lol, I love them) has a flash. I do not know if it is even an option to turn it off because I've never tried? And I also hold my phone up to my face to type and often look like I'm taking a picture....ESPECIALLY when I'm working with a bad signal!