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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like... Read More

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    Is there a board for 4530 Family Nursing? I can't find one.

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    Quote from MovingForward2012
    Is there a board for 4530 Family Nursing? I can't find one.
    Yes there is... It's here Family Nursing January - pg.5 - Ohio University Online Nursing Degrees
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    Could you link the thread?
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    Quote from laurah1976
    Could you link the thread?
    It's linked in my post above.
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    not the family one, 4560
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    Quote from laurah1976
    not the family one, 4560
    what thread are you looking for?
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    the 4560 one
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    Quote from MBH1979
    Has anyone taken the music requirement or the junior composition class? I am scheduled for both to begin and both are 15 week classes. I will be taking both along with two 5 wk nursing courses (these are taken separately though). I'm wondering if this will be an overwhelming amount of work but I'm hoping since they're 15 wk courses they will be light each week.
    Thanks to all that have commented. I'm taking Intro to Ethics, Family Nursing and Art in Contexts all at the same time. I'm busy but it's doable. These 15 week classes are certainly a bummer, though. I'm so use to cranking out five week classes.

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