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  1. sillymu

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    @Jory what is your opinion of the patch?
  2. sillymu

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    @LostMyPen,RN how long did you have irregular periods before you started only having one. Is the one around the same time every year? Is it predictable when you’ll bleed?
  3. sillymu

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    @cayenne06 thanks for that info. I’ll present that to her and see what she says. Menstrual suppression is what I prefer. I want the patch because I think that would be easiest. As @CalicoKitty mentioned digging around for a ring may be a little awkward. Also not sure if I’ll have huge mood swings or not. Before the pill my mood was unpredictable and cramps were unbearable. Guess I could give both a try and see how it goes. Also I don’t have kids yet. Does the insertion of the IUD hurt? I’ve heard horror stories.
  4. sillymu

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    @K+MgSO4 I currently take it at 8pm, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to continue taking it around that time because I’ll be working 7a-7p for 6 weeks and then 7p-7a for the next 6 weeks and it will alternate like that for the entire first year
  5. sillymu

    Birth Control and 12 Hour Shifts

    I'm currently on the pill and start my new grad residency in about a month. I've been on the pill for almost 6 years and I love it, but I want to switch to something that I don't have to take every day because I will be doing day/night rotations every 6 weeks and I'm not sure I can continue to stay on the pill and take it at the same time consistently. I am wondering what other birth control methods work for other nurses. I would like to stay on my current cycle of only having a period every 3 months. My doctor recommended nuvaring, IUD, or implanon. I asked her if I could try the patch, but she said I would need to lose about 60 pounds first. I'm working on the weight loss. What birth control methods do you currently use or what would you recommended for a busy nurse.
  6. sillymu

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    @okurilen how many pages are most of the papers. I'm thinking about applying soon. Are they like 10 page papers, more or less?
  7. sillymu

    My NCLEX Experience

    @Nursing pursuit I second OP. Take a break and relax. Studying for the exam made my brain hurt a few days. I think being able to take a step back and the regrouping will help you de-stress and go back stronger. Good luck
  8. sillymu

    My NCLEX Experience

    I was going to make my own post, but I wasn't sure people read them other than me lol. Everyone recommends UWorld, but it's so expensive. I spent the first week studying thinking about buying it before I decided against it. I bought the RN Mastery app way before they started charging monthly and I got 3000 questions and 3 practice exams. I used the scratch off code on Saunders and did the two practice exams online. I also used the ATI package our school gave us and that was amazing! I literally had some of the same content on my exam. I studied almost every day. Reading and doing practice questions every day for 5 weeks. I tested on 6/26 and passed in 75. I think what study material you use depends on how you like to study. I didn't do the PVT trick because some people in my class got the bad pop-up and I didn't want to experience anymore anxiety than what I already had. I waited the 48hrs. And what no one tells you is that it's literally 48 hrs from the time you finished your exam. I was dying waiting until exactly 3pm. Heart palpitations and everything lol. Congrats on passing! We finally made it!
  9. sillymu

    Which social platform are nurses using most?

    I use reddit. I think the student nurse, nurse, nursing, medicine, and nurse practitioner subreddits are very helpful and fun reads when I'm bored. It's just easier to vent there when I need to and it's interesting to see what MDs, PharmDs, and PAs have to say about the current state of healthcare and their day to day.
  10. sillymu

    Duke New Grad Residency Summer 2019

    For those of you who’ve interviewed already, do you have tattoos and did you cover them for the interview?
  11. sillymu

    How many people made it to the end of the program?

    63 in. 60 out. I'm in an ADN program. We lost people in our original cohort along the way, gained some LPNs, and then people who failed the first time were readmitted. Of the original 63 there's probably about 45 of us.
  12. sillymu

    Duke New Grad Residency Summer 2019

    @foxj7717 I only got the link for references, but I'm unsure if the video interview is necessary. I'm out of state and haven't received any info about that. I actually had to call the recruiter after all of my references were in. I waited about 3 weeks, but I'm sure you can speak to them sooner. She told me everyone who didn't go to the open house on 3/7 will be interviewed starting the second week in April going forward until all positions are filled. I have 4 applications still sitting "under consideration" and I started applying in late February. I hope that helps
  13. sillymu

    Commuting to clinicals from 1 hr away??

    A few students in our class did this. They would have sleepovers the night before and then only have a 20-30 min commute and then drive the hour home. We also had one student who would drive up after class and spend the night in a hotel so she'd be 5 mins away. Not everyone has the money or the time for that though lol. I would have to be up by 4:45 just to leave no later than 5:10 to get through the snow and be there by 6:45 so i could start at 7. You'll be ok if you have to make the drive. Some people record lectures and listen to them so they can study. It makes for a long day, but it's worth it. I hope your clinical is one day a week. Two long days with over an hour commute is tough.
  14. sillymu

    WakeMED Fellowship

    Has anyone heard anything from them? All my apps say routed to hiring manager, but it's been weeks.
  15. sillymu

    UNC Chapel Hill Nurse residency

    I called the recruitment office today and they said notifications for interviews can be anywhere from two weeks to two months post application submission for those of us still waiting for calls, emails, and interviews.
  16. sillymu

    Where Do Nurses Look for Jobs

    I look for most of my jobs on the facility's website, glassdoor, or a simple google search.

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