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  1. sillymu

    Where Do Nurses Look for Jobs

    I look for most of my jobs on the facility's website, glassdoor, or a simple google search.
  2. sillymu

    Duke New Grad Residency Summer 2019

    I’ve only received the email about references. How long did it take before they sent the one about the video interview?
  3. sillymu

    UNC Chapel Hill Nurse residency

    I'm planning on moving after I take the NCLEX. I don't want the stress of driving across country and passing a test. I hope they start calling people soon. I feel like I've applied for so many jobs already and have yet to hear anything.
  4. sillymu

    UNC Chapel Hill Nurse residency

    Lol I applied the same day as the deadline too. It's just sitting there and I keep checking every day waiting for something. The anxiety does take away from studying lol
  5. sillymu

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    I’ve done lots of reasearch on where I’m applying as far as taxes, rent, and general cost of living is concerned. I’m originally from the south so I’m familiar with certain areas already. I’ve also looked at parking already because that’s a huge concern for me. I’ve worked at a hospital in the past where parking was horrible and I eventually left that job. My shift was only 8 hours then, but the parking situation was so ridiculous I couldn’t imagine working 3 12s and dealing with it. Also I’m not that young so I’ve got a lot to consider before accepting a job. I’ve got a list of questions ready to ask in my interview, but I’ll definitely incorporate yours. Thanks. What your friend went through sounds like a horror show! Structure and support as a new grad is important. You have to make sure they won’t throw you on the street 1st chance they get.
  6. sillymu

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    Wow. That's pretty cool, but I'm still unsure/on the fence about it happening in a larger city.
  7. sillymu

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    I didn't expect so many responses so fast. Literally walked out of class expecting nothing lol. I'm glad I'm not crazy for having sound logical thinking behind it not being expected. He also works in a niche field at a school where they can barely keep people in the department (but that's a different story for a different forum/day). My plan is to state that I am available for phone and video interviews and that I am willing to travel however I will need to plan weeks in advance. I'm hoping that video and phone interviews are great and they love me enough to hire me. The travel/accommodations part comes in because some of the units offer the opportunity to shadow for a couple of hours. I don't want to pass up on the opportunity to get a feel for the unit and people that work there. I'm still willing to sign an offer without having visited the hospital or unit at all. Two of the hospitals I've applied for do offer new grads relocation packages so there's that to look forward to, but by no means do I anticipate anyone offering to pay for my travel/accommodations to come shadow. That's flat out not happening.
  8. sillymu

    Hospitals paying for your stay?

    I'm a nursing student graduating in May. I've started applying for nursing jobs out of state and I'm currently waiting to hear back for possible interviews. My boyfriend has this idea that if a hospital is interested they should pay to fly me out and pay for my accommodations to stay during the interview process. I've worked in healthcare for 5 years, including a very prestigious hospital. I don't think they do that sort of thing unless you're like some big shot doctor. I am wondering if hospitals actually do this for nurses. If so, would they do it for a new grad? I'm sure the answer is no, but I'd like some feedback or info from those who have experienced something like this. His reasoning is because he works for an Ivy League institution and they did all of this for him when he was interviewing. For some reason he thinks this is normal across all career fields, but I tell him it's not realistic when you have hundreds of candidates trying to get a job. You can't just throw money at every new grad that wants to work in your facility. Relocation package sure, but to pay to get me there for an interview sounds a little weird. We're willing to drive and pay for accommodations if need be.