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Since it seems that there's quite a bit of interest, I'm attempting to start a new thread devoted exclusively to the OU on-line RN-BSN program that will hopefully build on the comments on assorted previous threads. I'd like... Read More

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    Quote from cincinursemary
    I'd make sure that the Dars was correct... Any course that has a J at the end is Ok for the Junior Composition course.

    How many nursing courses have you taken? They held my lower division nursing courses in "escrow" until I passed 2 nursing courses.
    I've taken 52 hours for my ADN.

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    I am also considering Fashion and Culture s class for the Spring. what were the exams like?
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    4benders, I took Stats this past summer PSY2110 with Dr.Karagdon or something like that. she was amazing!!!! her videos were so helpful,. weekly assignments with proctored midterm and final. Def would recommend her
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    thank you! I am scared about Stats! ; )
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    In my stats class with Professor L., he gave us a one week head start on the class. If you have that opportunity, start early so you don't get behind.
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    Quote from KOUStudent
    In my stats class with Professor L., he gave us a one week head start on the class. If you have that opportunity, start early so you don't get behind.
    Dr K also gives a week's head start - it is a huge help!
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    Quote from laurah1976
    I just received my DARS report yesterday. First thing, should I have them correct the degrees I have? They only put "certificate" in 2000, when I received my BS in 1999, and "diploma" in 2010, when I received my AA in nursing in 2012.

    Second, and most importantly, it says that I need 27 hours of lower nursing classes! *****! And now I can't find anywhere that lists the lower nursing classes. It just says "select from NUR 1*** or NUR2***. Seriously, 27 hours? I figured I'd probably have to take another stats class as my stats for criminal justice that I took in 1998 wouldn't work. I also need a tier III class. I thought I read here somewhere that the capstone NUR 4600 class will work for that, right? I was going to take nutrition 1000 to satisfy tier II applied science and math and then I need another tier II humanities and lit course. Kind of disappointed that nothing transferred from my BS for that, but whatever. Finally, what satisfies the jr. level eng comp class?

    I'm on my 2nd and 3rd classes now, leadership and community health. Going well
    Contact your advisor for clarification. Once you complete an ADN then that should cover the lower division nursing classes.
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    I have Dr. K for STATS and she is beeeeyoooond wonderful! Better professor than any nursing instructor or TA on here!! SHe is so helpful, I have completd 7/9 assignments and have an 98.3% right now, waiting on her to grade my Midterm by Wednesday, then only 2 more assignments and a Final!! The class I feared the most has turned out to be NOT that bad at all, yes it is A LOT of work, but if you stay on top of it, use her videos, and the internet you will do fine!! Good Luck!!
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    Does anyone know if you need to buy the bundle for nutrition or can you just borrow the book?

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    Thanks and kudos to all of you for your ongoing updates and feedback. I have been contemplating OU for quite some time, then ran across this thread. Think I will move forward with the next step...thanks to all the positive nurses on this site!!

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