NRSE 4550 Evidence based practice starting Jan 13 - page 2

Anyone in with me? For those of you who have already taken the class...what should we expect? Quizzes? lengthy papers? Is it pretty much like the other nursing classes? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    I took this class in the summer, I really didn't think it was that bad. You get a detailed study guide for the quiz each week which is very helpful. Having the quizzes was actually a nice break from a billion papers for me. Good luck everyone!
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    I'm in! 3 more classes - then done!
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    Is Blackboard up for anyone yet? Still isn't up for me....What edition did you end up getting? I ended up with the 7th since the email said to get the 7th rather than the 8th...
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    Class is up! Time to roll!
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    Class is not posted for me yet
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    Class is up now
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    I'm in. Took the ethics quiz and I got most of the questions wrong. I have the 8th ed. book, but I couldn't find any answers to the questions in the assigned readings or on the class page. Am I missing something?
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    JustADream, I got most of them wrong as well. I also have the 8th edition but I don't think that would have changed my grade. I have no idea where those questions came from. Good thing it's not graded! I hope this is not a preview of what's to come.
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    I'm in too. This first week looks a little overwhelming!
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    Those of you who have already taken this class....what is the best way to study for the quizzes? How detailed are they? The study guide just looks like an outline of all the material. Do we need to memorize stuff or just have a basic idea of the concept? Thanks!
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