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  1. I agree that flu vaccines are important, but I also find it interesting that she had "phenomenal nursing care," and yet also obtained a "pressure ulcer on her back 5 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep into the muscle." Could just be me, but that sounds off.
  2. JustADream

    Craig Hospital

    Thank you! Any Craig nurses here? If so, anything to share (positive or negative) would be welcome. Also curious about living in Denver. I have been researching it, but it helps to hear it from locals in the same profession directly.
  3. JustADream

    Graduation Role Call Spring 2014

    Done here, too. FINALLY! Now what comes next? I haven't seen grades posted yet, no updates on DAR, etc. Does the paper degree just arrive in the mail one day? Thanks in advance for any info. I was going to e-mail my adviser, but I saw the name changed yet again (maybe the 5th time?) so I thought I'd just ask my more experienced peers instead. :)
  4. JustADream

    Diversity Nursing 4570 Starting 9/30/2013

    I have no idea if I did the genogram assignment the way they wanted. The rubric wasn't really helping me.
  5. JustADream

    Blackboard Outage

    Seriously! I think many of us dedicated time to our assignments over this weekend and we have just been twiddling our thumbs all day long.
  6. JustADream

    4580 starting Fall, first 5 weeks....

    The readings were: Chapter 2 - Management Principles Chapter 4 - Organizational Climate and Culture Chapter 17 - Mission Statements, Policies, and Procedures I can't believe BB is still down!
  7. JustADream

    4580 starting Fall, first 5 weeks....

    BB is down this AM, of course now that I am home from work and have time available for it.
  8. JustADream

    4580 starting Fall, first 5 weeks....

    I can't see it on Blackboard yet. Hopefully soon!
  9. JustADream

    4580 starting Fall, first 5 weeks....

    Nevermind, I thought classes started today. No wonder I am not seeing anything in blackboard. Better early than late I guess. :)
  10. JustADream

    4580 starting Fall, first 5 weeks....

    Can anyone see 4580 yet? I'm in, but unable to view the class.
  11. JustADream

    Shadow a Nurse Programs?

    I don't know of any shadow programs, but you can call HR at the hospitals you are interested in and see if they might have something that just isn't advertised. You could also try to volunteer at the hospital and that would expose you to the practice and atmosphere. If you know of any nurses, I'd encourage you to talk to them in depth. Nursing can have its rewards, but it is also extremely challenging mentally, physically, spiritually, every which way. This is my second career also and if I knew then what I know now, I may have gone a different direction. Not trying to discourage you at all; I applaud your interest in finding out before you are in too deep and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide.
  12. JustADream

    NRSE 4520 Health Assessment-Summer 2013...role call

    I didn't buy the case studies yet either. I saw on the syllabus that they are supposed to be posting more information about them in the first week of class. Also, did anyone find Health Promotion by Nora Pender for the discussion? It said it was posted in the resources section, but I can't find the resource link or tab. The other Pender readings don't seem to have the list of lifestyle practices referenced unless I am missing something?
  13. JustADream

    OU RN-BSN Class Planning

    Thanks so much for your help! This is exactly what I was looking for. :)
  14. JustADream

    OU RN-BSN Class Planning

    I may have finally been able to get my transfer credits straightened out, but I have a quick question looking ahead that I couldn't seem to find answered here already (or at least if it is I missed it). Can I take classes for the RN-BSN program in whatever order I want to or does it have to be specifically taken as the classes are numbered? I know I need to start with NRSE4510, but when I look at the calendar, the NRSE4520 course doesn't seem to be scheduled again until summer. Do I just have to wait in between or can I take NRSE4530 or NRSE4550 before NRSE4520, for example? Thank you!
  15. JustADream

    Ticked off at Ohio University

    I've been having some problems as well and it is frustrating. Same exact thing where one of my transcripts apparently never arrived but my application was listed as complete. No one could tell me why there was a delay when I first started asking about why I hadn't heard anything. When I finally was hooked up with someone that figured it out, they said it was too late for the semester I had applied for. I was finally accepted to OU later on, but I never received anything from the school of nursing even though I was told that a package would arrive via mail or e-mail with more information. I had to call to get my ID#, never was assigned to an advisor, etc. This past week I thought it was all good- I was finally enrolled and ready to go. Ordered my books, even. Now I have cold feet about my credits transferring after being told that I may need to take several classes I was not expecting. I was told on the phone by the nursing school that I won't get my DARS report until I have taken 2 classes, but someone with registration said I will get it whether I attend or not.. it just takes a lot of time. They couldn't say for sure when and I know from the other thread that DARS can take forever and a day, but there was a big question mark about a group of general ed classes. I wouldn't mind if I was truly missing the coursework and needed them, but I have a degree in that field already so it came as a bit of a surprise to say the least. Because these classes are not for the nursing program, I understand I would be obligated to take them somewhere locally (which defeats the whole purpose of doing the online program) or pay out-of-state tuition rates. I mentioned this in the other thread, but OU doesn't let us drop the nursing class online during the registration window even though we can register for them online. It has been a week and I am still enrolled even though I called/e-mailed a bunch of people and keep hearing that it will be taken care of shortly. I just don't want to get stuck with a $1k bill for a class I am not even attending. I know other people had frustrations dealing with OU before and I was trying/am trying to be patient, but I am seriously considering going back to the drawing board with this. I had hoped to be done in a bit more than a year, but it has been months already with very little to show for all the trouble besides lots of e-mails and phone calls from my end. Best of luck!
  16. JustADream

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Thank you so much for your help RNMom2010! I think I am going to wait to start the program as well because I simply can't afford to take general ed classes at out of state tuition rates if they don't accept my previous credits. The weird thing is that when I tried to drop the class today, I wasn't able to in their system. Apparently I can add whatever I need to, but in order to remove anything someone has to do it on the OU side. I was told to send an e-mail.. hopefully it won't take very long since classes start the following Monday. Thanks again!