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Sorry to gripe, but I do. This is the first class I have taken in Blackboard, and it's annoying how much time I am spending hunting for things. It's not that I was necessarily in love with EPIC, but... Read More

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    Quote from timmedico
    Blackboard is, like any other educational tool, as good as the instructor makes it. I've used it for years and found that some professors just don't care what it's like; others spend lots of time making sure that it is orderly. I'm still getting used to "the new look" of blackboard...some kind of upgrade from its former state. You'll get used to it (and the instructor's habits as well). Wish you the best!
    Yep. I've had awesome Blackboard content, and terrible waste of time Blackboard content. Just kind of depends on what/how much time the instructor is willing to put into it, I suppose.

    MTA: Most classes I've had the instructor has set up a "To Do" list which can be marked completed, in progress, etc. as you go.
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    i've used Moodle, Blackboard and now using Angel

    Loved moodle the most. E/T (and everything) was on one page. small icon by each link saying what it was (doc, ppt, excel, WWW page etc) new announcements on the right top and below that changes since the last log-on. Used it for my ADN program

    hated blackboard. used that during one course for one course given my the Univ. we are connected to. I found it confusing compaired to moodle

    Now using Angel for my BSN program. still getting used to it but its getting easier. I'm trying to figure out how to bookmark stuff for easy reference and stuff.

    I'd say play around with blackboard a bit to find the hidden stuff or google tips for blackboard.
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    Agreed, as much as I didn't love Epic, I guess I got used to it! Blackboard just seems much more cluttered.
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    Both blackboard and epic are garbage. I was able to get by with them but they are set up poorly.
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    My uni uses a modded version of moodle which works fine. My flatmates university uses blackboard however and that looks like a mess.
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    Your professor sets the parameters which makes it easy or difficult to use. One of my professors this semester put our clinical assignments under a Subfolder in the FAQ folder?? Another professor is really organized and the slides can be printed anyway we want, which I love.
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    I agree that it's the professors set up that makes it good or bad. My Chem prof was a blackboard rock star. Now my A&P guy?! Ugh took me 20 mins to find the syllabus lol
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    Oops just realized this was about Ohio State! My comments were intended to be general. I'm nowhere near Ohio lol sorry!
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    Quote from marycarney
    Well, it really doesn't matter if you like it or not..........
    All righty, then...
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    Yeah, these were just my general observations/musings, and I really only thought that OU students would reply, so it's interesting to hear from other folks whose schools use Blackboard well. It's a little heartening that some of the disorganization may be due to a professor's method of arranging things, and not just inherent in the software.

    Maybe I can pass along some of these ideas when we do a survey at the end of the course; thanks for the feedback.
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