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Thought I would start a new thread on my next class coming up. I know have already taken this class, and have commented elsewhere about some of the requirements. Any words of wisdom you... Read More

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    For your reading pleasure as the end of week three approaches....A Haiku for Community Health.

    This class must end soon
    or I shall pluck out my eyes
    My sanity: gone.

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    Haiku back at you:

    Gone eyes, gone mind mad
    you no longer see Public
    Health Community
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    Wish I could delete my really BAD haiku.

    Has anyone taken the quiz for week 3 yet?

    I looked at the assignment for week 5 and we have to interview an 'insider'. They even request their name and phone number.
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    I like your haiku!

    I took the quiz....meh. Don't feel any better about it than any of the others. [Have I mentioned I can't wait to be done with this class?]

    I deliberately picked a Health Objective that allows me to interview an insider that I have easy access to, so I should be good. Doesn't mean the assignment will be any more fun, but still...
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    I have an insider in mind...literally!
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    Quote from EmJeanRN
    I have an insider in mind...literally!
    Looks like we both will be interviewing the same person . . .
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    Done with module 3. DONE! Quiz was "meh" and I probably would have done better if I hadn't done it at work - caught a quick break but the provider I was working with was jabbering in my year. Was being nice but really wanted to tell her to be quiet for just 10 minutes. Too much to ask for somenights.....oy
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    Woot, woot week 3 DONE!!!! Only two more weeks and we can all celebrate the end of this horrid class!!!
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    Two more weeks...two more weeks...rinse and repeat...
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