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Inimica18 has 4 years experience and specializes in PICU.

I am a "born- and- raised' German girl that has been in the US for about nine years. I have been a RN since march 2009 and currently work in a pediatric ICU.

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  1. Help Music 120

    As far as I know there wasn't a book but connect is the portal to access all the course information. At least that how the course was a year ago (with Prof. B). I had to pay the $100+ to get the access to the course on the site.
  2. Well, I had no summer, went only swimming two or three times, and missed a lot of family functions so I guess we both sacrificed, just at different ends. BUT the end is near, you can do it. If I can be of any help, I am glad to do so :)
  3. Nursing 4600 Excellence Fall 2012 Session 2

    I used this threat for info as well since it was only me lol However some of the assignments have changed, for the better I think.
  4. Nursing 4600 Excellence Fall 2012 Session 2

    WOOT WOOT!!! Yay, I am happy for you. I just finished this class and it truly was the easiest class in the whole program. Good luck to everybody
  5. Thank you all very much!!! It feels great and I am happy to enjoy the fall season and holidays without having to worry about school. No, I am all the way done. I had to take six electives total and just loaded myself up during the summer so I coul...
  6. As of right now I am DONE Soo happy about it. Technically speaking I will not be done til december but in my book I already have my BSN lol Good luck to everybody out there! This forum has helped me sooo much!!
  7. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    I LOVED your PhD statement-it made me LOL
  8. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    The following is an email I just received. I am sure it went to everybody, but I know there have been inconsistencies with the TA updates and whatnot so I figured it cannot hurt to post it right?! Well, you are almost done This has been a challengin...
  9. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    There is actually something called "self-plagiarism" that is addressed in a whole paragraph in the sixth edition of the APA manual on page 16. It seems that it really somewhat depends on the situation.
  10. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    Thanks for the info. I know I could have googled it myself but I just used up my brain doing assignments all day lol I looked into the code of conduct policy at OU and it did not state anything about using previous work, as far as I could tell at lea...
  11. Accuse of plagiarism

    The thing about safe assign though is that while it does generate a report it simultaneously submits the paper. So really, there is no way of checking unless it is already submitted.
  12. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    Thank you for sharing the link. It is indeed very interesting, unfortunate, and yet plagiarism. Which brings me to ask a question: Is it plagiarism if someone uses their own old papers or portions of it? Any ideas about that?
  13. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    I did not hear about that. You awakened my inner gossip girl now lol
  14. 4550- Evidence Based Nursing

    I'm liking this :)
  15. NRSE 4600

    Yes I will be done :) This class is really-dare I say- a walk in the park. It's week four and I have 100% in he class. The textbook is the easiest one to read yet and you really don't need to read it all anyway because there are no quizzes. I just us...