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Anyone who is wanting to get together in the spring for a meal somewhere and maybe a night out, please post here. Post the following information: What part of Ohio you live in? What N,S, E, or W highways are near you? ... Read More

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    Good deal you are on the list! Need input on some May dates? I am out of town on business next week so won't be able to respond until Friday. I just did not want people to think I was not listening.


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    Quote from OHmom2boys
    WoW!!!! Sounds like I'm way too far off the path...

    Southern Ohio...Portsmouth area...and Not RN...LPN...and no specific specialty....unless you include job hunting!!!!! LOL~~~~~ :chuckle

    Sorry guys...I know I started a post about this before, but I didn't realize just how far away I was from you all.


    I am also in the Southern Ohio area. Seaman which is about 45 minutes away from Portsmouth
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    i from the Kings Island area and would love to meet sometime. I'm LPN in college to get my RN!!! I work in LTC
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    Once again a crazy work schedule will interfere with a get together. I am now working:

    M-F 8a to 12pm
    M-F 5p to 11p


    Sorry. Does anyone else want to coordinate this event?


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