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I ran across this writing on a site called, "Birth Trauma Truths" and wonder what my fellow nurses think and/or feel about it. Me: Mother was Army Cadet RN, put me to work on the county hospital L &... Read More

  1. by   cleback
    This thread has turned a bit in tense as it's triggered a lot of emotions for some. I'm just going to remind everyone here to treat each other with compassion and to strive for understanding, even when the other's viewpoints don't align with your own.
  2. by   Flowerchild6065
    I suspect this is more common than we think....and having a term associated with it can give women more of a voice.

    I was a perfectly healthy educated 24 yo delivering a perfectly healthy 6 lb baby girl with my husband and sister at my side. My labor was progressing beautifully and I was the most quiet, compliant patient you could ask for.

    Because my OB was apparently in a rush, he manually dialated me, under the guise of "checking my progress", while I cried, "No, please stop" for the entire minute or so. My husband cried beside me. After my daughter was delivered, he didn't want to wait for my placenta to deliver so he pulled it out prematurely causing it to tear and leave sections attached to my uterus. He then said, "you are gonna really hate me for this" and proceeded to manually scrape my uterus for all placenta remains. Those two interventions were by far the most painful aspect of my daughter's birth.

    I was traumatized!

    i share this to counter some of the misconceptions I am reading. I will say there is something validating about giving this a name.

    27 years later, I am now going to process all these feeling again!

    With all that said, this experience, along with many others, has left me a heck of an advocate for patients.