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Alnitak7 has 25 years experience and specializes in retired from healthcare.

Has worked in home care, nursing homes and boarding houses.  

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  1. You have to remember that sociopaths seldom get professional help because they're not suffering. Most of them probably do not have a formal diagnosis unless they have either been to jail or a mental ward where medical intervention is pushed on the...
  2. I don't think people who worry about their patients always cry over them. I would think some of the most sensitive people on earth rarely ever cry. You don't have to be attached to patients or cry for them to have empathy. There are varying w...
  3. Do you think their charge nurses would negatively diagnose their favorites?
  4. Sociopathy often clouds the mind and makes some act in ways that are not evidence based. I watched a C.N.A. with a severely arthritic patient who was jerking her limbs around and ignoring her screams. She claimed that not doing this would ...
  5. Alnitak7

    Should handshaking be obliterated from our culture?

    Let me ask one more time, should handshaking be obliterated from our culture? Covid and other illnesses are still spreading.
  6. I remember being shadowed by students when I still worked. I was getting the feeling from some of them that they were there for voyeuristic purposes and just wanted to stare at some vulnerable patients. Although their R.N. teacher sent them, they ...
  7. This is similar to my situation at present. I'm protecting my patient. I have communicated my concerns to the doctors. I'm involved in a power struggle for protecting my patient. I have listed my reasoning in extensive detail and am getting nowh...
  8. Alnitak7

    Research Nursing, my experience

  9. So much of this depends on whether the place likes you. I agree with not going behind the managers back. I would ask before you visit a unit you don't work in.
  10. Alnitak7

    introvert research nurse

    I think this might depend on why you're an introvert and if you can even get along with people on a superficial level. What your post brought to mind was a laundry lady in a hotel I worked in that used to drive everyone insane and yet she wor...
  11. Alnitak7

    Research Nursing, my experience

    Then if you're looking for schooling, what degree program is the best to qualify you and how many years would it be and what are the credentials to get in?
  12. Alnitak7

    Research Nursing, my experience

    Would you recommend this job to someone with zero nursing experience who has never been to nursing school or done patient care? Can they go to nursing school only for research nursing and never do hands-on care during their schooling?
  13. Alnitak7

    How can you know if a school is running a scam

    This is not really about me and I wasn't really thinking about R.N. programs in this case. I feel like there are numerous medical professions that can be used to run a scam and I think R.N. programs are included in that list. It really flabbergast...
  14. Alnitak7

    How can you know if a school is running a scam

    As for "training in healthcare" being broad, this was deliberate since someone posted an advertisement on the web and I thought I should try to save her face. I can't prove that she's running a scam so I kept out all identifying information.
  15. I just came across an ad for a school that offers training in healthcare. As I examined the details, I could not find any indication that they require references or recommendations. I remember when I took nursing classes that I had to provide a re...