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Alnitak7 has 25 years experience and specializes in retired from healthcare.

Has worked in home care, nursing homes and boarding houses.  

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  1. I just came across an ad for a school that offers training in healthcare. As I examined the details, I could not find any indication that they require references or recommendations. I remember when I took nursing classes that I had to provide a recommendation from my employers and they had to write a note to my school. In years past, when I've gone to check out healthcare training schools and they do not require any references, all my alarms went off and I avoided them. I later learned that my suspicions about them were right, eg. "a lot of the girls who went there were dopers and they didn't know what was going on..." Am I right in my perception that no request for recommendations is a red flag? I know in my experience it has been.
  2. If the work load is overwhelming then why not try working for a home nursing agency where you would have only one patient at a time. That way, you would be able to slow down. In my nursing text book it said to check the med labels three times before you give the med and to chart immediately when the patient takes them and with home care, you would actually have enough time to work this way. Home nursing would also give you a good foundation for social work. Most of the home nursing agencies I worked in had supportive co-workers as well.
  3. Alnitak7

    Should handshaking be obliterated from our culture?

    As well as talking about 2032, check out this video about 1918, slide it up to 33 minutes and you'll see I'm not the first one to think about this. Between 33:00 minutes and 33:30 minutes there's the mention of handshaking. https://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=UDY5COg2P2c "1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary / Swine Flue Pandemic/ Deadly plague of 1918"
  4. Alnitak7

    Should handshaking be obliterated from our culture?

    In all the years I worked, I only remember one family member who came in the room and reached out to shake my hand. It seems no matter if they liked my work or not, they never expected me to shake hands.
  5. Let me ask this question one more time like I did before. I started a thread a long time ago saying I did not like shaking hands and I only do this to keep from being arrogant and rude . I said one reason I liked working in healthcare because no one ever shakes hands. Some people who responded felt like this was a neurotic preoccupation. Even without a global crisis, there are people who never wash their hands, not even when they cough or at any other time. Do you think if we never shake hands again in our culture that it would make people seem cold?
  6. Can you suggest some good sources of information for those of us who don't know where to look? I have been told to go to CDC and WHO but I would think there are other places I could look.
  7. I've noticed the tailgaters are still out there.
  8. A promising COVID-19 treatment gets fast-tracked Here is the most recent thing I could find on plasma therapy to treat Covid-19. This was more informative than most other reports I've read. With so many people so scared, I don't know why they don't keep us more up to date about clinical studies on treatment. I wondered if they just don't want people to stop thinking we're in crisis and to quit following the stay-at-home order. I thought maybe this was why they only talk about cures for Covid-19 for a minute before moving on to other news. They talk endlessly about vaccines being a year away and testing and social distancing. With more and more people recovering, I would like to know what percentage of these are candidates for plasma donation. I would also like to be given some sort of an update about when plasma therapy will become a regular practice. The medical profession has been familiar with this treatment for so many years that I feel as if they're being slow. I've had to be wise and know they have reasons I can't see, most likely having to do with accountability.
  9. Although I found this same information, I don't see anything on how many traffic deaths have happened so far in 2020. Someone has already pointed out, they don't publish the numbers until later.
  10. I give up, I can't find any statistics to show me how many people have died in accidents this year. I was could find them for 2018 along with an average number of deaths per year but not for 2020. I was not able to trust any source I found since I had never heard of them before and they only described what they claim is going on in California. I hope people working in hospitals right now are seeing a lot less accident victims and fewer deaths and fewer people maimed.
  11. Alnitak7

    WHO is dissing hot baths?

    During this global crisis, not only do I wash my hands many times a day but also tend to take a shower with soap and change into clean clothes after I've been out anywhere.
  12. So many Covid-19 patients in New York have passed away that they don't know how to handle so many deaths all at once. https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/albany/story/2020/04/03/new-york-considers-loosening-requirements-for-funeral-directors-as-bodies-pile-up-1271316 What immediately came to mind is that people should arrange to be cremated instead of buried so they won't take up space when they pass away and the question of where to put them would be solved. We should all plan for this way before we become terminally ill. I found it frustrating that they didn't seem to have thought of this.
  13. Alnitak7

    WHO is dissing hot baths?

    In the same way that washing your hands with hot water and soap might keep you from getting sick, I would think that a hot shower or hot bath would have similar advantages. The only problem with a bath is that it can be full of germs that sit in the water and you should already be clean before taking one. I was taught that heat can steer off sickness and this also includes contrast baths where you switch from hot to cold.
  14. One reason I can think of is that they're looking for people that might have antibodies that don't know it and could give plasma. Another reason is that they might be contagious and not know it and need to isolate.
  15. I have looked at a number of surgery center websites and some of them do not even display their credentials. Some others talk about getting Medicare certification but do not display this on their website. I was trying to find out if Medicare certification serves as a substitute for accreditation from AAAHC or Joint Commission accreditation and if this would be why a surgery center would talk only about Medicare certification and not about being accredited by AAAHC or any other entities. I also do not see why so many centers do not even display any credentials on their website and instead are full of propaganda. The propaganda can be insulting with no mention of accreditations.