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I think I have have done an ok job of doing a birth plan for a birth I am rather anxious about, but wanted to be sure it was nurse/ doctor friendly. These are my co-workers, so many know my history... Read More

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    Oh my Freaky.
    No. Not freaky. Every mammal consumes their placenta after birthing. It's extremely nutritious and beneficial. Do a little research about it. It's normal.

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    While I don't disagree that it may be beneficial, don't most animals eat their placentas in order to not draw the attention of predators?
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    The fact that other mammals do something doesn't mean I want to lol.
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    I'd like to know what youjthought the asterisks meant? seriously if you aren't gonna take the time to fully read and comprehend a post, why are you responding. do you do this with patients too?
    This was unnecessary. A couple of us were able to figure out where the confusion was and we were hoping to help clarify for you and them. There was absolutely no insult in my post directed at anyone at all.
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    I think placental encapsulation is a great idea. I hadn't heard of it with pregnancies 1 and 2, and on pregnancy 3 I had but there was enough going on with that pregnancy I honestly forgot to make arrangements for it. We eat other freaky organs from animals (like livers) for nutritional benefit. Even if the placenta doesn't do everything it's rumored to, you'd at least be getting the nutritional benefits of it.
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    This is one of the those threads that goes nowhere useful. The original OP does not like the answers she got. Everyone else goes off on tangents, and then it all becomes about whether or not eating your placenta is gross......... semi entertaining though.
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    The topic of this thread was the OP's birth plan being nurse friendly....not a debate about the pro's and con's of placental encapsulation.

    Let's keep to topic or the thread will be closed.
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    I fully agree that your Guillain-Barre history should be part of your chart; and stating this on your Birth Plan as a contraindication to spinal meds makes sense. Putting on your Birth Plan that you don't want to be offered pain meds; and you have a code word that you will use with your Doula, should you change your mind, may put your mind at more ease. That way it takes your nurse out of the equation altogether; not putting him or her in a difficult position. It is your job, your Doula's job, and your husband's to make sure that the nurses read your Birth Plan, immediately on admission. It seems that many nurses who don't like Birth Plans and/or are not supportive of natural birth, avoid reading them whenever possible and ask the patient anyway about many of the things already covered in the Birth Plan, including do they want something for pain. Often repeating "it's in the Birth Plan" may be necessary depending on your caregivers feelings. Everyone here seems to be basically supportive of your plan, but your Doula should be prepared in the event the nurses that you have aren't. I hope my post hasn't caused you more anxiety than you already have, but just like you are preparing for your birth with Bradley, you also need to prepare for other possible situations.
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    Quote from nurse_maya28
    I think I have have done an ok job of doing a birth plan for a birth I am rather anxious about, but wanted to be sure it was nurse/ doctor friendly. These are my co-workers, so many know my history and concerns. I want to just let a neutral groupp look it over before springing it on anyone. BIRTH PLAN
    Due Date 9/1/13
    I am preparing this plan to outline my wishes for this birth. There are obviously many items I am flexible on, but there are a few that I am adement that MUST happen (or not happen as the case may be). I NEED to have a pain med free vaginal delivery with minimal other medications. Due to some evidence on Guillian- Barre syndrome and subsequent spinal narcotic use and it's association with Guillian-Barre relapse, it is IMPERATIVE that NO spinal narcotics are used, even in the event of a c-section. I have already discussed this with the head of anesthesia and he is in agreement that no spinal narcotics be used. In preparation for a pain med free delivery, ****and I are taking Bradley method birthing classes and I have hired a doula to assist me. Additional wishes are as follows:
    -support people include my husband; Doula and possibly my mom
    - I WANT and saline lock and am amenable to fluids if needed
    - I would prefer not to have pitocin for induction or augmentation if possible and wish to use AROM first
    -Cervical rippening is ok with me
    - Want to use birthing ball and aromatherapy
    - I do NOT want pain meds. Especially spinal narcotics. PLEASE, please, please, do NOT let this happen, even if i would request it in a moment of weakness. **** and *****will be aware of this and talk me down if need be, but I wanted the staff to be aware as well
    -If I am a c-section, I MUST have general
    - I am doing cord blood and tissue collection. I will be bring the kit with me when I am in labor, but I have included a copy of the instructions here ahead of time for you to review before hand
    - Studies indicate neuro protective benefits and post partum depression preventative effects of placenta encapsulation. For this reason, I wish to take my placenta home unless there is mec. staining or chorio, then it should be discarded
    - I am very anxious about the potential (but small) risk of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia again, especially post partum and I plan on remaining in hospital for as long as possible for continued observation of signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia
    - I plan on breastfeeding as I have in the past. I would like immediate skin to skin if possible. I plan of exclusive breastfeeding and want no pacifiers or formula given. I will be rooming in unless my health or that of the baby prevent it
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
    First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on being a proactive patient! As an OB nurse, doula and Lamaze childbirth educator I applaud your decision to create a birth plan to suit YOUR needs and the needs of your baby. I would never expect my colleagues in the childbirth centre to know all of the details of my plan. I can understand that as a nurse yourself you may not want to "burden" them with your wishes, but as soon as you walk in to have your baby you are no longer thinking with your "nurse" brain you are thinking with your "labouring woman" brain. Having a comprehensive plan is a great way to completely let go mentally so you can deal with the hard work of birth. The only thing I would do is take a highlighter over "Guillian-Barre" so that it isn't missed.
    Good luck and trust in your body and your labour support