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I remember seeing something posted along these lines a while back, but it never really "got going" so I thought I would open it up for one more try....I am about to finish my LPN Program, and then will be in pursuit of my BSN... Read More

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    I worked in a large pedi hospital with several male nurses. Most wanted to be in the critical care areas but the ones I worked with on the floor were great. They gave the kids a sense of stability and assurance. In a smaller hospital it might be harder to fit in, especially if there is a chance of floating to L&D. Maternal child areas are pretty clannish.
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    There are lots of male OBGYNs... Ignore the gender gap and do what you want.
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    as far as pediatrics go, both of the peds instructors where I go are male - and they are wonderful wonderful caregivers - and the guys in our class actually saw more births during the OB rotation...

    I never got a chance to really labor but honestly half the hospital is looking at your vajayjay, what's one more?
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    Quote from Wild Irish SN
    I am a guy....and even though I am open minded and have a passion to pursue this specialty, I feel like it may be poorly accepted by my fellow female classmates, but most importantly my future patients....Is seeing a man in OB nursing really all that odd or out of place? honest.
    *** Actually I think your classmates and future patients are the very least of your problems. The real problem is gong to be the OB unit nurse managers, the vast majority of them who will refuse to hire you based on your gender. Of course they won't say it is your gender.
    This is an area where the widespread anti men in nursing bias is shown most clearly. The issue isn't strange men involved in the birth process. If it were then the male OB-GYN and family practice physicians would be an issue and for the most part they are not. No this is a demonstration of the anti male nurse bias that one will encounty throughout nursing and of wish there are other examples.
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    I would refuse any male being in a labor/delivery room with me except my husband.
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    Since you mention Peds nursing in your subject line I'll say that when I worked in a peds hospital, there were probably about as many male nurses as there were in the adult med/surg units where I did my clinical rotations in nursing school -- in other words, maybe about 15% of the nurses. They were well accepted and great to work with!

    I also did my preceptorship in nursing school in a NICU, and although there were only 2 or 3 male nurses there, they also seemed to be well accepted by other staff and by most of the families -- although there may have been a handful of families that didn't want a male nurse give mom advice about breastfeeding.

    I agree with others though that if OB nursing is your passion, go for it! The only way to break down gender barriers is not to let them stop you from applying for a job that you want -- if enough men do that, things will change.

    Good luck!
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    Quote from KareBear0609
    I would refuse any male being in a labor/delivery room with me except my husband.
    *** I occasionaly work in a very small rural hospital. From time to time there are women who express the desire to not have men involved during the delivery. This alwasy amazes me. They choose to give birth in a small rural hospital where selection of health care providers is very limited and then expect their wishes to be acomadated. Even at times becoming very upset when it proves impossible. One time there was a couple from Somalia (very very unusual in the area) and they arrived with the wife in labor and demanded that only female physicians and nurses provide care. They had never before come to the hospital and she was not a patient of any (I should say neither) of our physicians. I explained that we only had one physician and he was a man. and it was impossible to prove a female physician, though we could acomadate then with female RNs since there happened to be two of us in the hospital and the other RN was a woman with OB experience. They were very unhappy and complained no stop.
    I am sure that larger facilities could acommadate such requests and it seems perfectly reasonable to me if made in advance.
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    Most women wouldn't have a problem with it. There are male OB's, after all. I prefer a female OB, though I wouldn't refuse a male if that's who happened to be on call that day, but if this is your interest, go with it! Just be prepared that you may be the only male nurse on the OB floor, and may have some refusals from some women.
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    It doesn't really matter. Most patients don't care. You'll get a few that do, but you see that in Med/Surg too so big deal. On the flip side you have those patients that don't want a female as their nurse and would prefer a male.
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    IDK I'm with the others who say what's the diff between a male dr and male nurse being there? lol.. I guess if a pt was uncomfy they can just ask for a female,, usually at this point in the pregnancy you just want it out and couldn't care less what or who helps remove it (j/k)
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