Men in OB/Peds Nursing....Any thoughts?....

  1. I remember seeing something posted along these lines a while back, but it never really "got going" so I thought I would open it up for one more try....I am about to finish my LPN Program, and then will be in pursuit of my BSN starting in August....I am in the midst of my Maternal/OB course and have found that I really love this type of fascinating and amazing to me.....until I actually have a rotation in my BSN program, I have no "real world" nursing experience in this realm, my experience is as a Dad of two boys and the shared birth process/pregnancies I had with my wife....I loved every minute of her pregnancy and studied up on all the details as a prospective Dad, I read numerous books on the subjects involved and was rivited....that was long before I considered nursing....

    Now here I am in nursing school and I rediscovered my passion for this amazing event....but I have (maybe in my own mind) a see, I am a guy....and even though I am open minded and have a passion to pursue this specialty, I feel like it may be poorly accepted by my fellow female classmates, but most importantly my future patients....Is seeing a man in OB nursing really all that odd or out of place? honest, would you have any concerns or modesty if I were to walk into your room to care for you?....or is this just something I need to get over?.....I have loved all my nursing experiences so far, but this is the one area that has really peaked my interest the I open it up to all of you veteran nurses for some good advice, I m all ears.....
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  3. by   RN in training
    I'm a nursing student, but I can say based on your wordsI'd rather have you at the end of the bed with a catcher's mitt looking at my lady parts exploding than a bored, uninvolved nurse. Good luck to you, keep up the food work. Go you!
  4. by   Wild Irish LPN
    lol!.....thank you for the visual....
  5. by   wish_me_luck
    I don't think most women have a problem with it (I said most, some do have a problem). I personally have had gyn exams by male doctors. Male nurse helping with birthing process is no different.
  6. by   LollygaggerRN
    It wouldn't be about modesty at all.....many babies are "delivered" by men. But, having a baby, as you are aware, is much more than the moment of the birth.

    I hate to say it, I really do, but I would not have appreciated having a male nurse with the births of any of my children. I don't know how to say it, really, but having a baby is such a uniquely "feminine" experience. I can't put it into words, but for me it would have just been awkward. Pelvic exams by a male? No problem? Breast exams? Walk in the park. But that relationship that must be developed between a laboring mother and her nurse? I can only see myself doing that with another woman.

    It would be interesting to hear what the dads-to-be would think of a male L&D nurse!
  7. by   Wild Irish LPN
    Quote from LollygaggerRN
    It would be interesting to hear what the dads-to-be would think of a male L&D nurse!
    Thanks for your candor....yeah I agree, I would like to know how new Dad's might feel too....with my two boy's we had a male OB, but there was not a L&D "Murse" in sight....good thought Lolly....
  8. by   trutuyu
    I am a dad with a wife who is in her second trimester. I went through L&D just like you, and like you I loved it too. But when it comes to the care of my wife, I hate to say it, but I always feel a little uncomfortable when another man (Dr. or Nurse) is caring for my wife. All things being equal I would want the best nurse (man or women) to care for my wife. And in the end it is up to my wife and whatever she decided I would support. But I distinctly remember going to some of the obgyn visits for our first child and not liking it when a male Dr. walked into the room. Just sayin. But I completely support you and hope you end up happy where ever you end up. Good Luck.
  9. by   loriangel14
    With my first child I had an awesome male nurse that made the experience a good one.I had no problem at all with him in attendence.My OB/GYN was male.There's no difference really.All that matters is how they do their job.
  10. by   Bortaz, RN
    In my OB clinicals (6 of them, I think), I was never allowed to care for any of the pregnant women. In each case, either the woman herself or the father immediately kicked me out.

    It worked in my favor, since I had NO interest in OB, in that I was sent to nursery or NICU (where I already knew I wanted to work...) most of those days rather than just hanging out at the nurses station.

    My situation might be different than yours due to me living in a 95+% Hispanic community. A less familialy conservative populace might be more accepting of a male nurse in that situation.
  11. by   Esme12
    I think you will have to expect that there will be some who will not allow your presence regardless of how patient, good, kind and knowledgeable your are. So when the request that you not care for their child or delivery you accept that choice with poise and grace. If this is your passion it will show in your demeanor....go for it!
  12. by   classicdame
    I worked in a large pedi hospital with several male nurses. Most wanted to be in the critical care areas but the ones I worked with on the floor were great. They gave the kids a sense of stability and assurance. In a smaller hospital it might be harder to fit in, especially if there is a chance of floating to L&D. Maternal child areas are pretty clannish.
  13. by   nurse2033
    There are lots of male OBGYNs... Ignore the gender gap and do what you want.
  14. by   Twinmom06
    as far as pediatrics go, both of the peds instructors where I go are male - and they are wonderful wonderful caregivers - and the guys in our class actually saw more births during the OB rotation...

    I never got a chance to really labor but honestly half the hospital is looking at your vajayjay, what's one more?