Gender ratios for emergency c-sections?

  1. I had a discussion with an anaesthetist today about how the majority of our emergency sections seem to be boys. Elective sections seem to be pretty much equal. He disagreed.

    I managed to find 2 studies (one in Aberdeen about 30 years ago and a Swedish one) that seem to corroborate my opinion.

    Does anyone have any views on this or can point me in the right direction to look for a definitive answer on this?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Male infants have higher mortality than do females and males are more often stillborn. It makes sense that fetal distress is noted in boys more than girls.
  4. by   thinkertdm
    I thought you were talking about the people having the c-sections, in which case my answer would be ... 100% women. But then I read the whole post. Heh heh.
  5. by   shiccy
    I scratched my head for a millisecond and then realized they were talking about the sex of the BABY, not the parent
  6. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    I was confused for a split second when I read the title too hahahaha.
  7. by   themoreyouknow
    I'd have to look for sources, but we call our preemie white males "Wimpy White Boys" because they never seem to do as well as the girls. Caucasian male preemies typically do the worst out of all the races/genders.
  8. by   klone
    Absolutely, "wimpy white boys". Actually, we call them "wimpy white boy lungs" referring to RDS and other such issues. My own last baby was the same - born at 36 1/2 weeks, spent a week in NICU on a vent.
  9. by   cb_rn
    Its that damn Y chromosome.

    Males are the weaker sex genetically. Look at cancer rates for just about any body part but the breast. I also read an interesting article the other day about how men seem to exhibit weaker immune systems. Interesting stuff.
  10. by   themoreyouknow
    here is an article;


    black female infants had 2.1 greater odds of survival than did white male infants. (for babies born with elbw - extremely low birth weight).
  11. by   wee_oneRN
    I'm so blonde! I thought the post was about the gender of the patient or maybe the emergency team, lol. Then I read the post! Hehe
  12. by   egibson
    my oldest son was an emergency c-section...(can't help you on any research)